As one moth said to another wish they would turn the light off

As another week comes to and end and another weekend looms on the horizon my weight and blood sugars still leave lots to be desired, not for the weak of heart is having to deal with heart failure, diabetes, gout and other things that go bump in the night at 66 years of age housebound most of the time and unable to get off my knees and stand up if I happen to be silly enough to bend my legs looking for a pill that has fallen on the floor you have to contend with sticking needles into your body 6 times a day and sighing a gasp of relief if blood sugars are around 7 or gasping with frustration when they are 12 and above what does one do in this iggly piggly life of mine it has more ups and downs than a roller coaster with none of the excitement or fun.

To anyone fit and healthy avoid the traps I jumped into smoking lack of fitness mentally and physically and an attitude it always happens to someone else mentality is a brew best served up boiling hot to wake you out of complicity in fooling yourself (me) in all will be well and life will look after it's self, or better still the Monty Python song look an the bright side of life, it is 8.23pm Friday the 26th July, hot humid and bewildered am I, seeing the diabetic doctor next week not looking forward to that know my blood sugars on average will be over 8 if not 9 so he will not be very pleased put on weight blame it on the insulin taking 2 lots now Novomix 30 and Innolet at night not sure the 13 pills I take daily help the diabetes but I guess 15 minute consultation is about all I will get.

as the clock of time ticks away the Shire prepares to sleep wonder if it will be a full Moon tonight if so Lotsofshots I will be thinking of you hope you are on the mend some of us should say me in particular have taken my body for granted and not treated it as the temple to store my soul until it is needed again hope there is time to at least patch it up in places even if it is only with sticky tape.

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Very well written… Im afraid this is going to be me. Im already burnt out at age 24.