It's dark here in this hole,can someone light a candle for me

The past month has been one upward struggle blood sugars have been high very high and on a couple of occasions 4 or below this see saw approach is not the way to go,and is not desirable for long term control and health but how I keep asking myself can you control what your body does when you cannot control what goes into your mouth at times,cynics all around me tell me and they should know never having diabetes that you can do anything if you put your mind to it,on the best of days my mind is all over the place how I get by is a miracle myself these days,accident prone falling downstairs forgetting medication my brain is like a jelly that has not properly set,I know in my mind if this keeps on there will be serious consequences for my body I know that, but I really do but spending 8 to 12 hours a day on your lonesome with not one to give you kick up the backside when you need it is hard very hard.

Time for medication victoza done and dusted now it is time for the other medication for heart failure gout,prostrate,and depression so here goes 10 pills down the gullet throat whatever you call it…done,I thought I was doing so well but as they say self praise is not recommendation,a lot has been going on in my life family wise 5 birthdays in 5 weeks the anticipation of a grandchild this week or next family trouble mainly me putting my foot in my mouth and upsetting some family member/members never done with the intention of upsetting anyone but granddads dads have feelings too,the anti depression pills do not seem to be working as well as they did getting bake to my old self where ever one and everything can easily upset me not gone off in a spin yet but have come very very close to it,listening to others criticizing or correcting grandchildren can be upsetting well it is to me

My Karma is not kalm these days the yin and the yang are not in unison my mouth talks before I know what I really want to say,so as my old school teacher would say, before he threw the chalk at me wake up you lazy dog pay attention you might need this advice one day.


Having got to 64 well on June the 11th I do not intend to throw the towell in just yet