Asking for Help and Swallowing One's Pride

"I have this friend..."

How often have we asked this of others seeking their advice and counsel? "You see, he/she/they have this problem." And you then proceed to lay out in sometime precise details everything that is happening to your "friend" in need.

It sometimes can be very difficult, if not embarrasing, to admit our "friend's" problem is really OUR problem. I know. I have that "friend" now; and I look at it's face everyday in the mirror.

The short version of my story is that I wish a site like this was around years ago, but that the truth is I have been struggling with diabetes for nearly 20 years. Surviving? Yes. Struggling? Absoulutely!

Admittedly I come from a family of closeted strugglers. As an only child I didn't have anyone really to bounce things off of. And those, who have helped, I am grateful for. And those, who I have hurt, I am sorry. But now my problems are weighing on me like the world on the shoulders of Atlas.

I had someone today tell me we're not immune to problems, but it is how we solve them that leads us to success. As difficult as it is to swallow my pride and try to do this alone, I cannot.

The only reason I write this today is as a reminder to myself - and in essence you, the community - that help is available. That we should not be afraid to ask for it, nor be stubborn to not accept it.

Serenity no longer is a prayer, but a necessity.

we are all here for the same reason. we can’t do this alone. and it’s much better to talk to people who are just like us. i’m so glad you found TuDiabetes!

I hope to find some comfort here…this seems like a nice site