Attachment to a Pump (emotional, that is)

My warranty on my pump expired in May and I’ve been considering my upgrade options all summer. It still works fine, but I know how critical it is to have one that is covered under warranty should something go wrong.

Anyway, after over eight years with Minimed, I’ve decided to try out a different manufacturer (Cozmo). My new pump has been shipped and will arrive next week, but I am feeling a genuine sense of guilt, believe it or not, about trading in my current pump - even though the new company offers a $500 trade-in credit. I remember feeling this way when I upgraded from a MM508 to a MM Paradigm years ago.

I’ve never been a pump-namer, but I certainly appreciate the little fella. It feels weird to let go and just mail him off to some company.

Does anyone else relate to this odd sense of attachment? I can’t help but feel a little like I’m upgrading my seeing-eye dog and mailing the old one back in a box. And I feel ridiculous for even regretting it! I’m getting a new pump and a $500 credit.

well, the “little fella” has been by your side 24/7 all this time! He must feel like you’re dropping him for a younger man who also comes with cash! btw, can you name names? Who’s giving out $500?

Is it animas that you switched to? (just curious since I do know that they offer a credit for your old pump) Don’t feel guilty though about switching companies … this day & age there are so many techological devices to choose from you just have to pick which one best suits your needs. But I can totally relate to your sense of attachment … if I had to give my pump up for any reason I think I would go totally insane!!! I hope that you are happy with your switch!

Smiths Medical (Deltec Cozmo)

I get attached to mine - in more ways than one :slight_smile: . I was excited to get the A2020 though after four years of the A1200. I still have my 1200 though. It’s in the drawer with other supplies. It still works fine, so now I have an immediate backup if anything ever goes wrong. I love that Animas has the free loaner program, and have always taken advantage of that when I go on vacations (and luckily never had to use the loaner), but now I won’t have to do that. One less thing to worry about when I plan a vacation! I would say I’m more emotionally attached to Animas than the pump itself. Their customer service has been nothing but great for me from day one. When I first got my pump, i didn’t even think too much about how valuable that is, but I really appreciate it now.

I felt no guilt packing my blue 715 up in its box when my purple 722 arrived! I can see that getting a $500 credit is tempting if you have to pay for the pump yourself or have a high deductible/co-pay, but I think keeping the out of warranty but still working pump would be equally tempting. I know the pump companies overnight replacements but that’s no help on a weekend or holiday. I’m glad that I get to keep my 715 (which is still under warranty until April 2009) in case I need a backup.

i have been pumping for just couple of months, and i can tell that i am getting attached, literally and emotionally, to this “lil fella”…

i can understand what you’re feelin right now, but you know what, sometimes in life, hard/difficult decisions should be made… especially when you think that it will be good for you. i think you’re making a wise decision, trading the old pump for a new one under a warranty. i know its hard to let go of the old fella but you have to do what you gotta do…

My warranty runs out the end of this month, but I do think I will be staying with Animas this time. Last time I switched from Minimed to Animas, so I know what you mean. Good news for you if you are going that way is that you can keep on your Minimed inserts if you want. That way it doesn’t feel like you are completely cheating:) It’s been four years now, and I still where the Minimed inserts with my Animas.

This is certainly a funny thought, but i know EXACTLY what you mean. When my pump died and Cozmo had to replace it— with the same pump and same color, just a different serial number, I even felt the need to say goodbye to the old one!

I am currently using the Cozmo (and love it!!), but I am thinking that I will switch to Minimed when my warranty is up next year, because Cozmo does not supply where I am living (Hungary). So my choices are Minimed, Animas and Accu-check Spirit. I will be curious to hear how the transition goes!

kinda like getting a new car and sayin good bye to the old one. A flash of reminisence…but excitement for the new sporty model soon takes its place

If only my pump had GPS. :frowning:

I’ve always had good experience with Minimed. I think you’ll find products you like there. The pumps are user-friendly and reliable. I’m certainly not leaving because of disappointment (which may contribute to my guilty feelings). I compare them to the Windows of insulin pumps (since they have like 80% of the market share). I’ve just been wanting to try out the features on a Mac, if you know what I mean.

After wearing a dummy Omnipod and playing with an Animas 2020 and a Cozmo 1800 the last few times I went to the CDE, I preferred the user interface of the Cozmo. It has some features that I am interested in - like the meal manager, hypo correction, infrared upload, non-proprietary attachments, and retrieval of processes/screens after they idle. And I like that Smiths partners with Abbott, who seems to be on an interesting track technologically - like with Freestyle meters and the Navigator. So I figured this was the right move for me right now. Good luck with your switch when/if it happens.