Attack of the Lizards and Sick Families Do Not Mix!

Well, you guessed it, my family is sick. Just my mom and brother really. But my dad does work overtime alot, so guess who that leaves to cook, clean, and take care of the sick people? Me. I had to make dinner tonight, and the night before last. Last night, I had a break to help dad change the oil in a car. My brother got sick today, so he made dinner while dad and I were changing oil yesterday. Im so worn out now!
About the lizards…Well, we found 2 in the house today. One was the biggest lizard I have ever seen! The other one was incredibly fast, and it took me and my sick mother to corner him and capture him. Both ended up being caught and released outside. So yeah, this is my life for the time being.
Hope your day was better than mine!