Good Man Hard to Find

Lots, good grief, no offense taken! You've been through hell, and thank goodness are on the path back to better health. You are such a huge, supportive presence here at TuD. I'm honored to have you as a friend.

Mental illness is such a sticky, sensitive topic. My kids are adopted, and my middle one has paranoid schizophrenia among other things. If not for me being the tiger mom I am, he would (as he has been) be in prison for being mentally ill. Long story, for another time ;)

Our mental health system is totally broken, especially for adults.Mental illness isn't cute, or 'sad' to most people, it's scary. Rant over ;) (for now).

Please know that I'm here for you, any time.

That's one of the more hair-raising stories I've read here. It's amazing that you are as together as you seem to be! I don't disagree that lots of people probably have mental health issues and just ignore them or keep them to themselves.

Last night I ran in a misty rain, not too bad, but the sun has blown it away and, astonishingly, it's not windy for the first time in weeks! I'd like to try to get in one of the last bike rides of the year! We have stuff on our plate though as it's junior's birthday today. No big parties, as her friend is having them over for a slumber party (sort of odd, part of the transition to being "grown-up" perhaps) but I feel badly as we got into it last night and everyone was stressed out by what I feel like was my blundering/ temper. It's been a long week and I'm very glad to see the sun out even if I can't finagle 2 hours of playtime into the day. When I read stories like yours, I don't worry about myself any more. Which is probably unhealthy...

Boy, if only I had those teeth literally instead of just figuratively LOL

OMG OMG dear dear Lots ♥
I knew SOME of your story....but this! Holy Moly....what you have endured!
I am here for you 100%.....wish I could be "there" in person. YOU are my hero Lots....and I mean that with all my heart! You have overcome SO much ♥
What a friend you me and all who know you here at Tu. YOU, lady, are an inspiration!
Love you

Did you ever look into suing the cops? I dunno if your statute is gone or not but I've read about cases in the news and it may not be an impossible thing to try? It certainly seems to me that there's negligence on their part here and the account of your damages is the sort of thing that would make a big impression on a jury. Even if the police are able to present your behavior as "impossible" for them to manage, they are going to look like well, cops who generally don't come across all that well. A suitcase full of ca$h won't make your experience any less horrible but well, it'd be a suitcase full of ca$h.

Lots....if their behaviour is not perceived as incompetence, and better....outright abuse, I don't know WHAT is!!!

Lots- What a story !!! I had no idea the pain and suffering you went thru, and to reach the other side only moderately scathed. You are amazing and I give you credit for sharing your story. I am so glad to be your friend and anything I can do for you, please ask. My problems seem petty in comparison to yours. I am glad that Zen brings you the happiness that you truly deserve. Have a peaceful weekend. Cat (Susan)

LOTS, your story sounds like something from a television drama. I know from family experience that these things happen. One of my sisters was wrongly diagnosed with depression. In the end she had to have two steints put in her brain to help relieve the fluid. She nearly died and was a lethal combination of drugs. She has been left with a destroyed body,, she can't walk unassisted. Nobody would listen to her, we didn't even understand what was going on.
I can't believe how awful the police were. Well I can actually. I am so glad you posted this, its very important. When I first came back to the site you stood out because you are so kind. I wish you never went through this.

I read what you wrote and I just couldn't believe it, so I read it again. What you have been through is just unbelievable. I think you are just so very brave for having written this down. I think you are right, as a society we have just so messed up dealing with mental illness. I do wish you luck in your healing process and I hope you always know you have friends here.

Hi Lots. You, your story, have left me speechless. I hope you know what extraordinary strength you have, with compassion to match. I can't begin to understand the courage it required just to write your story down. I do believe your story will help people here on TuD who have their own challenges. Best wishes for the great future you so deserve.

I come across heroes all the time here on Tudiabetes and you are my newest. To have survived such brutal treatment at the hands of the police and then the
psychiatry/medical community makes you a hero in my eyes.

All this abuse when what you most needed was for a few caring people to help you. I'm very glad to see that you have found the help you need.

Bless you Lots for you truly are a survivor.


Dear Lots, Finally I found your story!!!!! I can't begin to believe what you have gone through. WOW and how brave you are to tell it so clearly. I feel for you and what you have been through, Keenly. So brave and courageous. Mental illness is definately not respected today, or given enough credit for being a very real and dangerous illness. I hope some day I can remember the trauma I've had and discribe the strife as well as you discribe your experiences here. I am so sorry to hear of the physical developments you have from this. I can also see from where all the beauty in your images comes, and the beauty in images you have sent to me and others. Yours is a sincere and deep appreciation of life and God. I believe you and are gifted Lots. Thank-you for sharing so courageously. Thank-you for having the courage to help others and advacate positive mental care. I'm glad we are friends and can share the support and friendship of Tu Diabetes . . . . . . . . . . . . . I found The Big Blue Test!!!!!

Oh, my stars in heaven. "Hair raising" is a minimal description of what you've been through. I cannot believe your strength and determination. I am hopeful things will continue in the right direction. You are a very very special and dear person and I am honored to know someone who has such a great amount of courage.

For those that don't know, Eric Clapton wrote this song as part of dealing with the tragic loss of his four year old son. We all must deal with tragedy, adversity and sadness in our lives. This was his way of dealing with his loss.

It occurs to me what a wonderful poet you are and along those lines of creativity, have you ever heard of Penland School of Fine Art and Craft? From knowing you, I think you would really go bananas there. The school is by word of mouth and all peopled by highly skilled and Artistic Craftsmen in America and Europe.
Penland is in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. I went several years ago and liked it so much, I was asked to stay on and work as scholarship for many summers. It's a good place to go after burnout and rough life experience. With the Scholarship, I donated my time to help run the school and received Room and Board in return.
The food is deliscious and served on platters made from the potters and students at Penland. All food is healthy and organic oriented. Snaks and tea are served at all times day and night for people working and visiting other shops, round the clock. Penland will serve a special menu to special needs people such as Diabetics.

Offered are all kinds of Fabric Art, Weaving, Metal and Glass Sculpture, Two Demensional and Graphic Art, Photography and Woodworking instruction as well. The instructers, specialize in thier trade and have current jobs in the field. Instructors donate time earned money to the School then a big auction is held at the end of sessions for everyone to further donate money in order to perpetuate the school.
After dinner is soccor, Art lectures etc., clogging and sharing and long walks on Smokey Mounty trails with it's beautiful wildlife, insects and unusual insect life.
If you ever have the chance, look into Penland School. I'd be glad to help you and others along the way. The experience is a Life experience, wonderful and safe as is Yoga and Zen! From the bottom of my heart and artic soul - Cathy

Bikette... 'not good'... hmm... Let us know please! Bring the pachyderm with you in case they make you wait. He can hold your seat for you in the waiting room ;)