Availability of diabetes products in Canada. Is anyone else frustrated?

At 2.57 grams of net carbs per serving, this looks like a winner to me. I’m a big fan of any use of custard. This may even tempt me to into the kitchen! Thanks, Marie.


A product being approved and being covered by the government are two different things. There are plenty of products that are approved and available in Canada yet are not covered by the government (CGMs, insulin pumps, Victoza, Lantus for its first few years, several asthma and allergy medications I take, and many other examples).

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I apologize to everyone, especially Jen, for hijacking this very important topic. Please forgive me. :slight_smile:

I’m going to do something I should have done quite a while ago: start a Nanaimo Bar thread.

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I’d be curious if anyone has gone to the US to get something that isn’t available in Canada. I know of someone who did this with Lantus in the early 2000s, but I have no idea of the arrangements except that she had to go down there every few months to see an endocrinologist. I’m guessing that our own endocrinologists’ prescriptions may not be honoured in another country. Can one just call up an endocrinologist in the US and make an appointment without a referral (here in Canada, in BC at least, it’s impossible to see a specialist without a referral from a GP)? For something like Afrezza that would require additional testing and/or monitoring, or heck for any diabetes medication that requires an ongoing prescription, it seems like the cost would get prohibitive if one were paying for all of this medication, monitoring, and any follow-up appointments oneself, especially given the high costs of everything related to healthcare in the US lately. Also, if one is having to see a doctor when going down there, it could mean an entire day taken off work (or an overnight stay, if one can’t drive), which would definitely add to the cost. It doesn’t seem as simple as stopping by a pharmacy during a weekend day trip spent shopping for most diabetes medications and devices mentioned in this discussion.

This is true. But I would argue that these products aren’t “similar” enough that it would merit not bringing them into Canada at all. And even different products within the same category work better for some than they do for others. i.e some people have much better results on Apidra then they get using Novolog/ Humalog, and vice versa. And they’re all essentially the same thing.

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I just got excited because I saw on Facebook that the Minimed 630G has been approved in Canada. I was thinking that this is the system with automated basal. Turns out it just has the low suspend, which is the same as the Veo that’s been approved for years. It does have a nice screen, though, and so I’m going to hold off on getting a Vibe. Not nearly as excited as I was when I first saw it, though, as I don’t think I’d use a basal that suspended only when low (by that point suspending basal is pointless, in my opinion), but I do think I’d use a basal that adjusted based on predicted BG.

NEWS!!! Insulin degludec (Tresiba) is on the list of drugs under review by Health Canada!

Here’s hoping they get it approved soon! Once it’s approved, I’ll ask my endocrinologist if I can switch to Tresiba and the new Fiasp insulin instead of my pump to see if I’m able to achieve better control.


Was doing some basal testing today. Levemir for me gives up at about 10 hours so Tresiba is preferable to three levemir shots a day or having to do a correction bolus every evening like I currently do.

As an update to my October 16 post, Health Canada has not responded to my email asking if Tresiba is under review and when it will be approved…

At least they updated their website :slight_smile:

Will be waiting till April 2017 for the MiniMed® 630G to be available in Canada. Same Launch date as the MiniMed® 670G in the USA.------ Maybe there waiting this long so they can Dump all the old 630g stock to us Canadians eh?
The 640g has been available in the UK since 2015, The 630g since August 11, 2016 in the USA.

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You know, it’s kind of sad to think that that’s what they may be doing with the old 630g stock, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

It have been accepted in august 2017 :wink:

@Aranide - yes it is now available, but about 2 months after my January 2017 post I just switched to a pump and have no need for it anymore :slight_smile:

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I got some Afrezza in the USA when I was there with my family in Los Angeles about a month ago. The only problem I find with Afrezza is the the lowest amount I can take is 4 units. It’s very similar to Humalog in it’s strength, of which I only need 2 units to bring down a high blood sugar of 14.0. Anyone know how to take a lower dose?

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