Avoiding the Diabetic Itch

We ran an article about avoiding some of the smaller complications of diabetes, such as skin irritations and ailments. You can check it out here: How to Avoid Getting the Diabetic Itch

Does anyone have any tips to add to this list?



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Yes, I 100% agree with this article. After 55 years with type 1 and living in East Africa I have my “fair” share of skin “itching”. My skin is so dry and “parched”…I use gallons and gallons of moisturizer and drink lots of water. Sometimes I feel as though I could scratch the skin off - on my lower legs in particular and on my back. I do not have “folds of skin touching skin” as described in the article…most type 1’s tend to be “slim and slight build”…and I have not had any “infections” as yet from over scratching. If anyone has any solution, please let us know. I have tried ice packs, Benadryl cream, elevating my legs…all sorts of things but nothing seems to work.

Oatmeal Lotion…Aveeno. Helps with dryness and itching.