Depressed... :(

I've just been having a horrible week.. Found out I'm losing my job..or I'm only getting 4 hours a week which might as well mean I lost my I'm stressed out looking for a new one.. I've been eating a bunch of junk food cuz I'm depressed..I've gained all this weight..none of my clothes fit me well anymore...i just feel so fat and disgusting.... I know I should start walking and it has been getting a little cooler out I just don't have the motivation... and diabetes is ticking me off too...I'm just so tired of it already...constantly having to think about foods and counting calories/ just gets so annoying sometimes...I'm only 26 and I gotta deal with this the rest of my's so overwhelming..I guess it just seems worse cuz of me being so depressed right now...I just wish sometimes I could forget about testing my blood sugar...and all the stuff that comes with it... and I hate venting like this it makes me sound so selfish... I just hate feeling so one in my family can really relate..I mean my step-dad has type 2...but he doesn't take care of himself..he rarely tests...I guess he figures hes old enough that hes just gonna ignore it... I don't know..I just wish I had more support.. I'm glad I have you guys atleast... I guess I just need to let all this out... I did have my neck ultrasound done the other day..and I just have a bad feeling about it...but I guess I just have to wait for the results...I just feel like they aren't gonna be good... *sigh*

Keep looking for work and keep your chin up, holding my fingers crossed for you from the other side of the World.

I am 85 and your step dad is crazy to ignore his diabetes. I am so very sorry you had your hours cut. Something will turn up. I often say why was I cursed with this. In my case it was my own fault. I listened to no one. I moved to Florida got a new endo put on insulin I then got serious. We all have bouts od depression. You just to try and shake it off. MOVE MORE EAT LESS..I like whay I coined.


You can do it...I know you can. SMILE!!!


Hey Shayla sweetie ♥
I read that you're running through a rough patch. I'm so sorry to hear that.
I just want to say...don't despair, and don't beat yourself up for being human. you ate junk food, it happens...we've all been there, regretting a wrong choice, but like I said....we're human. And about the job....yes, I'm sorry to hear that you've had the rug pulled from under your feet. What a shock!!! There's a silver lining though....yup...there is! You have the 4 hours a week, yes, it's not offers you SOME money while you use the other hours to look for something else :)
Don't worry about your step-dad....take care of yourself....besides, you're already doing that, because you're here....with us....your second family....your friends who "get it".
It is VERY IMPORTANT TO UNBURDEN YOURSELF...and you're doing that, you're unloading...getting rid of the crud. It takes the stress away...allowing you to see that you have options. You're is hard to manage your diabetes, but you are not have people who are here for you...and who CARE.
So now...move ahead....get out of the house....go for'll help you think more clearly.'s an idea....make a list of 5 or so things you could do when you feel the urge to dive into a bag of chips (MY big no-no!!) So when you're tempted to eat something, and you know you shouldn't....go for your list.
On your list could be...1) Sing your favourite song...loudly!
2) Call a friend
3) Go to Tu.diabetes
4) Go to a book store/shop/art gallery/music store
5) Get a manicure....or some other pampering thingie
You're the age of my son....and I guess what you're sharing really touches me.
I love your beautiful smile on your profile pic :)
and I just wish I were there to give you a real please accept this virtual one...and come to us...let us know how you're doing! Don't keep it all bottled up inside.
lots of luv....linda![|323x326](upload://47bMk97IlzaiqKNglMCuQ14fWhj.jpeg)

In my career so far, I've been laid off about 7 times. So I'm very used to the "job search". After about the 3rd time of being the victim of a failing company, I figured out that job searches can be fun! Really! It's a time to re-new and re-energize your life with possibilities. A new job is always a new adventure. Keep your chin up, and give it 100% each time you interview. Keep in mind as you are there that "they want you!" And the right job will come around.