Back and hope to do better

I disappeared for a bit because I was going through too much since December of 07. My love of my life decided to break up with me, and I was still looking for a job. I lost my insurance in June of 08. So medication wise it was hard for me to keep up as I was trying to conserve my medications. I got a job then lost it in December of 08. I then fought with my mom & step father to move back home. I came home 2 weeks ago and its been boring.

my mom got too concerned that she brought me to the Joslin center. I am doing Humalog 75/25 2 times a day (breakfast & dinner). No night time medication for me & I’m using a newer meter. Freestyle lite. No coding the test strips. My A1C has gone up from 12% (in September) to 13%. So I need to majorly bring it down.

So this is a brief update of myself. Oh, I hope I can gain weight again too.


You want weight? YOU CAN HAVE SOME OF MINE!!! If ONLY!!!

I sounds that you are well on the way back to getting your life together. You are lucky to have parents who will take you back in. When I split with my husband, they didn’t want me back. I had to sink or swim. So you see, we now have two things in common…rotten men and diabetes!

I can’t say that I totally understand how you feel as you can’t say you understand totally how I feel. We each have different circumstances to our breakups. But,. in time (if you let it), things will change. You will wake up one day and actually see the sun shine. Things won’t feel so burdensome. You may actually start to sing a snappy little tune!! Keep the faith, sweetie, things WILL get better.

Even though it is boring at home, you can thank your luck stars and your higher power, that your parents are there for you. Your mother seems very wise. Maybe you can invent a fmamily game night to break up the boredom. I have plenty of the games, but no family locally!

We don’t have a Joslin Center here in Milwaukee, but I wish we did. It sounds like it is very beneficial to be able to avail yourself of their services. I know of another person on this site who is always talking about the center. You may want to arrange to bump into Renee in one of her blogs or comments back to others. She’s a real pip. Humorous, witty, maniac!! (Gotcha, Renee!)

Please feel free to contact me if you wish. You may even want to go to my home page and read my profile. But only if you are in the mood for a few tears!!

With the love of sisterhood, I ask the Lord’s blessings on you. Continue to heal and take steps to grow. You are doing this by coming to this site.


Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

my mom drives me up the wall actually with my diabetes that I dont want to eat anymore. I’m trying but its hard. I watched intervention which had a person with type 1 that is going through the same thing as me. so I’m in tears.

Good morning, Amy. Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Although I’m quite a bit older than you (63), I know how difficult it can be going home. When I used to visit my parents (now deceased), I felt like a 40-yr. old “child” with the old house rules, parental expectations, etc. Couldn’t wait to get back to my home. It would have been difficult living there again for more than a few days(although I loved them!) …

Once you find a job (hopefully with medical benefits), look into an insulin pump. I’ve been pumping for two years now, and it is much easier to control your glucose levels – provided you’re willing to do the frequent blood tests required to do so. I used MDI (5 per day) to try to control my glucose levels but never managed to get the dawn effect under control until the pump. And mid-night lows occur much less often on a pump.

Hang in there!


Hi Gerry

I recently went from 13% to 10% in a month. So I’m doing a bit better. My mom suggested the pump but its so expensive without insurance. And Masshealth (which I’m waiting to hear from) doesn’t cover the pump. But hopefully I can bring it down more. Once I have kids, then I’ll go on the pump as by then my life will be too busy.