Back from vacation lots of lows and some venting


We are back from Branson. Here’s a rundown of how things went. Arrived 5pm Tues. tested 182 went to Silver dollar city, went into marvel cave which is an hr long tour with lots and lots of walking. The cave was beautiful.Blood sugars were within range. Left SDc at 7pm to get settled in at the hotel. Wed. started out at BS 340 opps gave breakfast and 1/2 normal dose novalog also decreased lantus went back to SDc rode a few rides and played hard at the worlds largest treehouse. Post lunch BS 91. Pizza for lunch with 1/2 dose insulin.Once again very active 2 hr pp Bs 61 not good. Left SDC 6 pm went to Celebration city with intentions of watching the fire works there. Mother nature had other plans. It started to rain within 1/2 hr of arrival at the park. We decided to wait it out. Within 15 min the rain was pooring down in sheets. We decided to go back to the hotel. We were drenched and so was the D supply bag. Everything in the bag seemed to be fine and just barely damp. BS readings in range. Thursday fasting bs 219. once again decreased lantus and gave 1/2 dose novalog for breakfast. arrive at water park test 189. Swam and played hard. Jared tells me he feels low go to test and an error message comes up E-5 WTF change drums same message. Went ahead and aggressivly treated for low BS with rice crisipie treats, and glucose gel, followed by Pizza. We decided not to give him any insulin with the pizza. left water park bs 176 ok #. Went to hotel to change and get spare meter. Tried to test with spare meter which had only been used twice!! and once again got the E-5 error WTF. Called accucheck . They had me clean the lense on both meters the spare on started to work fine and has been fine since. The other meter was still having the same error messages. I felt it was dt condensation so we put it on top of the vent with rm air blowing on it( it is working great now. Anyway they decide to replace both meters which we recieved today along with 102 strips. Back to vacation… Thurs night went to celebration city and while waiting in line Jared states mom I feel like I’m low we test 59 not good, treat in line people stairing people wispering I think he has diabetes. OK WTF its not a secret he’s not a leper. If your curious just ask URRHHHHH. Treated low bs went on ride and then ate supper. # s good for the rest of the night. Friday last day of vacation am bs 119. same insulin routine. Went to silver dollar city played. around noon Jared is acting tired test 78 , time for lunch ate lunch 1/2 dose insulin 2hrs pp BS 96 ok we’ll take it. While waiting in line out in the hot sun jared feels low test BS 60 treat in line lots of stares no comments this time. Also while in line accucheck calls wanting to ask some more Q I tell them this is not a good time they say they will call back in a couple hrs. leave at 4pm get somthing to eat get home at 11pm. Went into bedroom and promptly got covered in fleas. Dh runs to walmart for a flea bomb. had to be out of room for 3 hrs. Didn’t get to bed till 3am. Next days fleas almost completly eliminated. I worked all weekend. Monday accucheck finally calls back in the am they are sending me more strips they want all of the strips back that I have along the meters. I received the new meters today along with 102 strip I am expecting 102 more I will be sending back about 5 drums so thay are replacing a few more than what we are returning call it a inconvience fee. OK I guess the lesson to be learned in all this is. a)Bring the spare meter with you to the amusement park etc,B) Don’t get you meter damp, C) Don’t lock your frountline treated animals out of your rm since they actually kill fleas. D) Decrease basal insulin even more when on vacation. E) if you have a different type of meter availible take it with you on vacation you might need it. Ok I’m done for now I will be posting Pictures soon.