Bad box?

Has anyone recieved a bad box(batch)? so far 5 out of 10 pods were bad and i still have three left…
I called and they sent me three and wanted me to send the bad ones back. I should call and tell them about the other two but i hate calling… Does anyone else call when they get a bad pod?
I had 3 priming failures and 2 that just stop delivering insulin.

what post was it?

Just started on the OmniPod 23 January this year…I’ve had 3 occlusions 1 priming failure and 1 “Pod Failure”…1 possible bad site (BG levels rising w/o alarm). I called, at the advice of my local rep, each time to report the problem(s). They’re replacing 4 of the 6…something about going past or close to 48hr…plus they seemed to be logging the lot numbers. We might want to take note of those lot numbers here, too. Strength in numbers, huh. Lot L30070 on mine. Since then all’s well (shhhhhhh…I don’t want to jinx myself).

Just curious…did the PDM ‘tell you’ that it had stopped delivering insulin or did you come to that conclusion based upon rising BG levels…

Hi Spooky…did they offer to send your replacements out early or did you make that request. They told me that they’d send them along with my next shipment. I’d rather have them send mine out before then.