Bad news on my latest A1C test that I got back

For the last two days I have been dealing with the emotional ups and downs of my A1c’s coming back with a bad result after I has the blood test. My kidney meds are going to go up 10mg. and to be honest, I don’t like it at all because my whole goal was to be off kidney meds by this month. Yes, I have cheated on my diet and I know that the doctor is doing this increase to protect my kidneys from more damage but I am just dealing with being disappointed with myself for cheating. During the last two days I am getting back on the wagon and facing my issues but I will have to tell you, honestly, I am just feeling alone with this whole thing. That is why I am posting. I don’t want sympathy, I just would like to know how other Diabetics cope when they don’t meet their personal goals with meds? Thanks!

BTW, I tested today and my number is 95 which is o.k. but I am tired?

This is just what I need to hear! I want to keep better records so that I know that I haven’t slipped in other areas and try to look at the positives. Record keeping is not my strong suit but I will get better the more that I do it! This morning my numbers were o.k. 95-127? I usually feel best at 109 or so? So I honestly feel a little… foggy?

I am trying to talk more here on the site but there are things that I don’t understand what they are saying and at times I am a little freaked about it? I think that I am just scared of what my future might be and I am trying not to be scared?

Thanks Josephine for your comments,