Bard Protective Barrier Film Wipes - helping with my reactions to the adhesive

Hey everyone! I have been having lots of problems with reactions to the pod adhesive. I tried these as a low-cost solution (about $13 for box of 50, bought on Amazon) and they are helping, but aren’t perfect.

I didn’t really understand the concept, so thought I’d share. I guess it’s a similar to a liquid Bandaid. They are wipes (imagine alcohol wipes) but when they dry, they form a thin layer/film on top of your skin.

So, I wipe one of those on. Let dry for at least one minute. Stick the pod on top of that. IMPT Then wipe the sides of the pod with the Bard wipe to seal the edges.

The pod doesn’t stick as well as if it were my regular skin, but doing the “sealing” bit has kept them on.

I use Uni-Solve to take the pod off. Not sure if you need to, but I’m trying to reduce the trauma to my skin.

Anyway, if anyone wants to try a few, I am happy to send you some samples. Just message me your address.

Also, I’d love to hear if anyone else has any suggestions/comments about these or other “barrier” types of solutions.


I’ve heard people have great success with Bards. We’ve been using them with Caleb’s DexCom sites and alone they weren’t doing the trick, but in combination with two layers of IV3000 under the sensor (with a hole cut out for the insertion) I think we’ve finally found our solution. Knock wood.

With the DexCom insertion Caleb would get infections if I wiped the entire area including the insertion site, so I always leave a little oval which I can see at just the right angle with just the right light.

It sounds like a ridiculous process I’m sure. It is actually, but it’s helping and DexCom is great too.

PS - I think Unisolve makes a big difference in caring for your skin. When I just rip it off dry, Caleb’s skin becomes much drier. Taking it off in the shower/after a shower seems equally effective to Unisolve and no goop!

I had the same problem with an allergic reaction to the Pod. I use “Coloplast” Shield Skin barrier wipe that you can buy on line at Allegro Medical. Part # 44005 1 box of 50 wipes for $8.95!! They work for me. I do the same thing you do, wipe the area, let it dry, place pod on area then wipe the edges to complete the seal. The good thing I find is that i can remove the Pod without using anything else and I don’t get a reaction at all. I’ve been using these since April 2010. Of course everyone is different but it is so inexpensive, it is worth a try. Good luck.

Thank you for the tip, Gail! I will definitely check them out!

Chandra, If you pm me with your address I will mail you a couple to try.

I have been using the Bard wipes since June or July and I think they are great. They have stopped the itchy feeling I was having. There is nothing worse than having an itch for 3 days that you just cant seem to scratch no matter what you do. I too got mine off of Amazon.

I had gotten samples of different adhesive wipes from an Omnipod rep. It was a great idea to try the different kinds before buying them because I had a pretty bad reaction to the Allkare kind. It was itching like crazy for the three days - worse than a pod alone. I definitely like the Bard ones the best. I have also been using Unisolve to take the pod off, which seems to be less traumatic on my skin as well. Thanks for the tip about sealing the edges after putting on the pod - big help!

Just wanted to update this…

Gail sent me a couple Coloplast Shield Skin barrier wipes to try. Same concept as the Bard ones.

They also worked great! Maybe even better than the Bard ones.

Thanks, Gail!