Bath time

Do your kids bathe or shower with their pump site and cgm site still on? I have been making John stand and wash at the sink and the only time he takes a real bath is the day the site is due to be changed. Do they stay on? Do you cover them? Taking a shower is so much easier and quicker than washing at the sink.

My son is 4 and we bathe him nightly with his site on. We disconnect the pump and no problem…just pat it dry and hook him again after his pjs are on.

They stay on just fine - shower away. :slight_smile: xx Might loosen during lots of swimming, can put some reinforcements then we use IV3000 1 hand adhesive pads, or bandaids in a pinch.

That’s excellent! Thank you so much!! Haven’t had a chance to try swimming yet, but I’m sure that will come up!! Do you stop swimming every so often and hook up and give insulin?

You can have the pump off for up to an hour… then must hook back up. If we want to go longer, then we bolus whatever the basal rate is for that next hour… unhook, and go one more hour. Not good to go much more than that though… do frequent blood sugar checks, and it’s always good to check with your team about this. We have accidentally gone too long before, because there is no long acting insulin, high blood sugars can happen very quickly… stay vigilant. :slight_smile: Usually the act of swimming is as good as insulin however… it’s an excellent natural blood sugar reducer.

Hope this helps xx

My daughter Abbie loves taking really long baths (45 minutes) with her twin sister. Those, we only do on set change days! But regular baths are fine with her set in. Showers are even better since the Animas is waterproof, we just leave it on. We use skin-tac and an IV cover all the time, so that helps too.

Hi, we leave the pump site on as well as her CGM sensor & transmitter, both covered with IV 3000. If it gets loose when she comes out of the bath, I just carefully take off the old IV3000 and put a new one on. I don’t let her have as long of a bath on nights we’re not changing the sites, though. If she’s due for a site change, I let her soak away, which she loves.

Eric’s site stays on in the bath, and usually it’s fine. Sometimes it can come loose if he’s in for a long time, though, so I always check it after he gets out and change the IV3000 pad (we always use it because little fingers are prone to pull out the site otherwise)

My 3 yr old daughter takes a bath every night for at least 20 minutes and her site never came out, maybe because I use IV Prep when I put a new site…
I usually put the cap on the site and ready to go.
After the bath I put her on the pump again.

Thanks everyone. I’m going to try a bath on the night of his next change and leave the site and sensor on during the bath and see how he does. Then we will be able to see how sticky he is and if he ends up destroying the site it won’t be an issue because we are changing anyway. He’s a very nervous little guy about all his “stuff”.

And so when we go swimming, cap him and hook him back up in an hour and bolus the basal amount. We usually get out of the pool hourly to re-sunblock anyway (we live in AZ and my kids are red heads).

I feel so much better!

Thanks so much for all the info and advice.

I want to leave Nyla’s pump on when she takes a shower, because her BS will shoot up after about 30-40min. Any suggestions on what everyone else uses when their kids take sohowers with the pump on. The pump bags I use are cloth, so I thought about keeping in that, but then it may collect soap water.

My daughter would be most unhappy to have to shower with her pump on. This is her one moment of freedom. You should be able to go without the pump for up to an hour… perhaps you could bolus what the basal amount that she would be missing before removing the pump? We do this when swimming. Do check with your team… I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest Nyla would much prefer to not have it on? :slight_smile: Hope this helps xx