Bay Area Doctor Referral for T1D

Hi team Tu,
I’m looking for a referral for a smart/savvy endocrinologist with an adult practice in either San Francisco or Marin. I have T1D. I’d like a doctor that knows more than I do. LOL.

Thank you!

Funny, I just answered this question a week ago. Anyway my nephew’s partner has T1 and sees a Dr Sklaren (spelling?) he’s at the Menlo Medical center I think.

During the last four years I lived in San Francisco, I saw endocrinologist, Dr. Karen Earl. While I don’t think she knew more than me about my insulin dosing regimen, she was a good listener and open to new ideas. I proposed trying Afrezza when it became available in 2015 and she immediately agreed. I felt like she respected my personal expertise in dealing with T1D and often offered compliments to me.

Good luck with your search for a diabetes doc. I’ve now lowered my expectations for my diabetes doctor to one I primarily see as enabling my flow of the diabetes prescriptions I need.

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Thank you for taking the time to write Terry4. T1D high five :wink:

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