Is it time to switch to Verio IQ?

I've used Onetouch meters for 6 or more years. I have 4-5 different meters of different generations. It has worked fine, but I've never been really happy with some of the features. The new Verio IQ is now covered by my insurance and I've decided to upgrade. The new meter is rechargable, has more features (including patter detection), better meal tagging, a standard interface cable, is smaller and has a better display.

And most of all it seems to have better accuracy. A 2008 study of the onetouch Ultra technology (which used GO enzymes) showed that 88-92% of readings were +/- 15% of true value. A more recent study of the newer meters included the Verio (which uses a new GDH enzyme) which performed better. The Verio had as much as 99% of readings +/- 15%.

So I've pretty much decided to change. Of course, I contacted Onetouch and got a free meter for insulin users, I don't think I've ever payed for a meter.

What are your thoughts about the Verio IQ? Will it be totally replacing the Ultra line? Will they come out with a Verio IQ Link that works with the Ping?

Hi Brian,

I have been using the Verio IQ for several months now and I adore it. It takes very little blood, the light up feature is great for dark settings, and I love the recharge feature. It has been a wonderful meter for me; the pattern tracker/alert is a great and helpful feature and I use the software download to further track and review.

It gets my vote and I've been through at least 5 or 6 meters since I was diagnosed about 15 years ago.


I'm really new and the only BGM I've had is the VerioIQ. My only complaints are the really short battery life, the fact that it only has two tags (before meal/after meal) and the very expensive strips.

(My first prescription from the Dr. was for 3x daily testing. I'm doing about 5-6 because I'm still moving my diet around.)

I have found that I get extended battery life by turning off the meter manually. Hold the ok button down for five seconds and it turns itself off. You can do this also to turn on the meter.