Bayer HBA1C at home test

Just tried out the at home test kit ( Worked like a charm and the best part was that I’ve managed to get my HBA1C down from 7.3 (4/8/09) to 6.3 (7/26/09). Combination of eating low carb and walking 4 miles every day at about a 4mph pace seems to be doing the trick. Gonna shoot for 5.5 3 months from now if I can keep up the discipline of the diet. Incidentally, listening to audiobooks (via makes those walks go by quickly - I can’t tell you how many books I’ve listened to over the years, while getting in my exercise.

Congratulations on getting the A1c down. I applaud you for keeping the exercise up. That is hard for me. When I am consistent with it, management goes a lot better. Glad to hear the home test worked for you. I just sent one out from Relion about a week ago and am waiting for those results. From what I have read, they are pretty accurate. Some say don’t wast the money. No matter what, it gives you something to go against. Better than paying $150.00 for an office visit and lab.

I know that David Mendosa recommended this meter and I trust him. Reading came out close to what I was guessing it would come out , based on most of my finger sticks over the past few months.

That 7.3 reading a few months back spooked me into more serious action for sure.


Way to go Mark! Keep it up!