"bc" and bg control

I am really not happy to be seeing what I think is a 40+ point rise in different parts of my cycle. I am on a triphasic bc pill, and last week I was on the high level of hormones, and my bg was terrible, the worst I’ve seen so far even though I was strict with my diet ,and this week, my “off” week it seems to be better even though I had two diet mishaps. Do bc pills make that much difference? What does everyone else do for bc?

Hee hee! from a mom of 7… we use condoms:P
I’d hate to add yet another medication to have to fight with bg numbers. :slight_smile:

TTTT, I may not actually be all that fertile anyways. I have low thyroid, not low enough (yet) for them to treat, but low enough that it’s manifesting as low body temps and hair loss, swallowing problems, tiredness…) I honestly wonder if my lack of progeny is really due to the low thyroid rather than a perfect use of bc. I know many people who became pregnant on bc. I’ve never even had a a scare.

Hi, Halle,
Are you sure that you are pre-diabetic and not beginning LADA? (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults) I’m asking because you mentioned some hypothyroid symptoms, which can be an autoimmune disease and is often associated with adult onset Type 1. I had a similar A1C at diagnosis, and the first endo I saw didn’t even think I was pre-diabetes, he told me I was fine. Turned out I had very low levels of antibodies to my islet cells (as well as higher levels to my thyroid) so there was no way I could control this with diet and exercise. Even small amounts of carbs spike me too high. It might be worth checking it out because you can preserve your remaining beta cells if you keep your BG low and it’s much easier to do that with small amounts of insulin. I was also on hormones and my endo took me off them. I think it can raise BG a little. I am really happy to be off the hormones since I got terrrible headaches during the off week. But I wasn’t using them for bc as I am 53.
What kind of numbers are you seeing? Good luck with this, it’s a huge adjustment, and good for you for taking it seriously at the beginning stages.

Funny you mention that, I do think I may be LADA. I am not sure how to get my doctor to come around in time, I have an appt monday – if she doesn’t give me at least an OGTT and some metformin, I am shopping for an endo.

Yeah, pretty much ANY amount of carb will start spiking me up. I have been living on tunafish, eggs, steak and cheese for the past week or so. I seem to be able to do wilted greens okay, but anything grainlike, and even sugar alcohol puts me up. I am scared.

Last week I had a couple of 197’s at 2 hr pp, and today I was at 142 2 hr pp after lunch. same lunch.

It took me a while to figure it out, but bc pills do affect blood sugar. My basal rates are significantly lower during my “off” week than during the other three weeks of the month. I confirmed with my doctors that the hormones do raise blood sugars. Are you on a pump? I just have a different basal pattern set on my pump for the off week. Good luck!

Ask your endo for the antibody tests and also to start you on insulin. If you are spiking on small amounts of carbs it is really impossible to keep your BG under control. I use just 2-3 units before meals and it has made the world of difference. I still eat very low carb but now I can have some fruit, yogurt and most vegetables. Also, it might be helpful for you to test after one hour, to see how high you are really going after eating.

Why don’t they recommend IUD for diabetics? I temporarily went off my bc pills about a month ago and would love to find a way to not go back on them - it’s amazing how much less insulin i’m using!

It’s probably the progesterone in the pills. It increases insulin resistance in normal people, too. That’s why many women without known blood sugar issues get intolerable munchies the week before their period.

Thanks Lindsay!