Alaska trip

My super wife and soigneur are leaving Friday for Alaska. I'm riding in the Anchorage Tour de Cure, then cycling up the road to Fairbanks, then riding the Tour de Cure there. I expect a few challenges with BG and insulin management, but I'm pretty confident all will go well. Anybody else doing Alaska Tours?

Is this your first time to Alaska? It's a pretty remarkable place. I'd like to do the tour next year. I live in Homer and work all over the state. Good luck on your ride! Should be awesome, and you're early enough in the season that every RV in North America won't be clogging the roads yet...

Congrats! Have a great trip.


Thanks Sam. I'm gonna sound like a real newbie here, bad will the bugs be this time of year? And will bears or moose be a concern on the Parks hiway?

I'm not sure how bad the bugs will be where you'll be. They don't get bad down here until closer to July-- but I imagine they might be worse inland...

As for bear and moose-- I can say with virtual certainty you will encounter moose-- probably quite close. They are usually not a problem as long as you don't harrass them. Bear are less likely to encounter along the highway, but possible. I would absolutely make sure to have bear spray with me at all times just in case of hostile bear or moose encounter (it works equally well on moose, and people for that matter). Make sure to get the good stuff with 2% CRC. You can find it at any sporting goods or outdoor store up here-- try not to spray it into the wind. You're better off with the spray than with firearms unless you really know what you are doing with them... plus guns are bulky and a pain to ride with, and you'd be worried about keeping one from getting stolen, etc. Although, if I was camping out along the way, or hiking, I'd probably have one with me. Look me up if you make it to Homer.

Thanks Sam - will do on the bear spray.