Bed time blood sugar

what is your blood sugar usually before bed, and what do you think is the best number to strive for? mine was just 100, i thought that was too low before bed thinking itd drop during the night…i ate a bit of peanut butter (of course) and it shot up to 187… DANG. so i just ran on the elliptical hardcore for 5 minutes and its coming down… all this for a good nights sleep damnit haha …
i have this perfectionist view of what my bs should be before bed and i can’t sleep until it is at that comfy level

(new goal: as heavenly beautiful as it it jill, you will stop trying to “moderately” bring your sugar up with peanut butter and eat a fat free yogurt instead)

THE GOOD NEWS isss… for the past three weeks my sugars have been between 70-140 usually and haven’t went above at all… tonight was my first high in a while … as soon as i get that nasty dry mouth thirst thing… ugh… hate it!

I have found, if i do by chance get a higher blood sugar reading that exercising for a little bit works just as good if not even better than corrections

that’s so strange! peanut butter doesn’t bring me up that much, because it’s got fiber in it… and plus, i only eat sugar free (it tastes better than normal, too… trust me!).

when i go to bed, i like to have it 90-100. i used to need it to be at least 100,110, or greater because i’d drop up to 40 points overnight. but, i no longer drop like that… so i’ll go to bed as low as 90, sometimes.

yea! i use to have it around that number all of the time, especially when i was newly diagnosed… but then i started waking up with crazy low sugar and ugh it was so annoying, now i’m trying to find a happy medium - but its not easy! haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel comfortable when my sugar at bedtime is 108 -162.For me that is in between 6 and 8 mmol.I use jelly beans when I am below my target.They say no more than 15 carbs to raise blood sugar.I try not too put too much emphasis on the highs and consider the lows a major culprit.My doctor told me that a low blood sugar is more dangerous than a high.