Bedtime blood sugar

A few questions about bedtime blood sugar. What do you like your blood sugar to be at when you go to sleep? If it's on the lower side do you eat a snack? If you have to eat a snack because it's on lower side do you bolus for it? How big of a snack do you eat? Thanks

Oh wow that's a tough one. I don't like to go to bed if below 70. The trick is to not eat to much, that's the tough part and the part I usually fail at. I have never bolused for a bedtime snack, it seems that it would defeat the purpose. No matter what you do snack or not it's probally best to test later even if you have to set an alarm clock.

Gary S

I dont like going to bed on the high side. I will correct if Im 130's 140's. Although most of the time Im not, but I'd rather wake up low 70's to mid 80's and start my day off right.

I don't like to be below 80 when I go to bed. I don't snack so if I'm in the 70s or lower I'll treat with glucose tablets - 2 is sufficient for me. (I normally don't treat lows unless they are below 60 but bedtime I'm more cautious).

Thanks :)

I agree if I'm low 70's or 80's I'll have just enough glucose to hold me over during the night, I'll usually eat about 3 jelly belly jelly beans and that will do the trick.