What BS will you go to bed with?

Lately, I have been scared to go to bed with anything lower than 120-130. When I was first diagnosed several years ago, I was told to not go to bed under 140. At what number are you most comfortable going to bed?

I like to go to bed at 90 to 100 too because that means I will more than likely wake up in the 80s. :slight_smile: Any higher I wake up in the higher 90s.

I actually don’t see much connection between the number I have at bedtime, and what I wake up with. I can have a fairly high bedtime number, say 130 and wake up in the 70s, or have a lower bedtime number, say 80 and wake up in the 120s. So I “accept” any bedtime number between 80 and 140. If my bedtime number is in the 70s I’m nervous and take a couple glucose tabs. If am less comfortable with treating highs at bedtime and will let a number of say 150 go because I don’t feel it’s safe to go to sleep with fast acting insulin onboard. If it’s really high, say 170 or more I may treat and stay up. I have a bit more flexibility with bedtime than most as I’m mostly retired. To make things easier I don’t take my “bedtime” blood sugar at bedtime, but when I go to read in bed, say around 10 or 11. That way I can take a correction bolus and then stay up reading for awhile.

I have to say I have never thought about it. If my number is low, under 70 I will treat it then and take my nighttime meds. If it is fairly high (160+) I will take my night time meds, and then a protein snack. But then I eat a protein snack before going to bed each night…and I don’t usually eat after 9:00…I’ve had nights where I will wake up with a low of 60 and then have tabs in my night stand…or have dh bring me some OJ or a banana…but never so low to seize…

I shoot for 80 to 110 I find it hard to fall asleep if it is higher and of course if it goes too low then bad news too.

Well, basically?

Whatever # you have doesn’t cause you to (a) Go Hypo over nite and (b) Get up over 110 in the AM…
Now accomplishing this on a Consistant Basis? Is a Whole nother issue…
ideally? Going to bed in the 90’s and staying 90’s overnite and getting up in the 90’s…
But very Few of those of us on Insulin are able to do that consistantly…

High 80’s–100. I’ve tweaked & tweaked basal at bedtime many times.

It has to be above 100 before bed or I will go low by 5 am when my insulin increases to counter act dawn phenomenon. So I usually will accept anything from 100 - 150 without correction and I will wake up usually 65-90 in the morning. That may seem low but the 60s correct themselves

She goes to bed at 100, if possible. If lower, I bump up with a few grams of milk. At the time I go to bed, around 3 a.m., I give more milk, if necessary, to raise BS to 120. Realize this is high, but she is not stable overnight, basals change. This is safe in her case.

Hey Hope - I aim for 4-6 mmol/l (72-110 mg/dl) - tho’ lately I’ve been dealing with hypos before bed - e.g. 3.0 mmol/l (54 mg/dl) - makes for a slightly horrible sleep! Am going to have to tweak my basal sometime around 22h00 - so this doesn’t happen anymore (can’t wait till I have an endo/nurse that can help me more in this area - as I’m self taught on using my pump). \^^//

well, I wouldn’t be waiting for some Endo to help you with your Pump… Why not ask for a Mentor in these Boards in the Meantime? I’m not a pumper or I would …

as for Taking Glucose Tabs? Sure, but can also try taking FiberChoice tabs… and get some Fiber with it…

best of luck with your Pump

Are you on the pump or MDI?

When I was using Lantus, I needed to make sure that I was at 140 before bed or I would have lows during the night. But I think that was because of the peak in the Lantus – I may not have had that problem if I split my Lantus dose or switched to Levemir.

Now that I’m on the pump, I just make sure that I am above 80 before bed. If my basals are right, then I will stay stable all night.

I try and shot for less than 100 otherwise I can’t fall asleep I am not prone to lows and are very hypo sensitive so I am not sure this would be good for many diabetics.

80-90, w/ a MM pump/CGM…

Depends on how she is trending, but I make sure she is at least 110 and if I will not be getting up again, 120, depending on how she has been reacting that evening (dropping or rising). Her BGs are never flat overnight and since we test multiple times per night, we essentially have fasting basals each night. I think 120 is very sensible. I have noticed a lot of people here keep their BGs much tighter, but I know a lot of adults here are LADA, and although LADA is also Type 1, there is a longer honeymoon and perhaps more beta cells active for a long period of time. I think this could possibly cause more danger, actually. Your target number should be based on how much YOU fluctuate overnight, tested over time. So it is individual. In our case, even in the absense of growth spurts, on a regular night, there is a 30 to 40 point drop or rise. And rarely the same each night.

110-130 is our aim. When we were first dx, the endo told us only to correct at bedtime below 250. That’s insanity!

I always have a snack before bedtime (15 g carbs), so anything on the lower side (and I’ve never been below 100 at bedtime so far) gets handled. I’ve never heard about the 140 suggestion. And I don’t let bg keep me up later than I want – rest affects my bg too, so I need it to keep it in balance!

I go to bed with any number between 70 and 140. I take into account different factors though: If i’ve been to the gym that night I’ll have some juice before bed. If I am PMS’ing I’ll leave a 70 where it is because I usually rise during the night slightly during PMS time of the month. I make sure I haven’t ate anything/given insulin 2 hours before bed since that will keep on affecting sugars and I don’t want to be asleep when that happens. The key to going to bed with an 80 for example, for me anyway, is making sure the basal rate or in my case, lantus dose is accurate.

anything less than 110, i will eat a couple of crackers with cheese, but anything more than 110, i’ll leave it as i know if i eat, then i’ll go higher than i was in the first place :slight_smile: <3

I always check my BS before bed and, depending on what I’ve been doing, it’s usually pretty normal. I have a pump, so that makes it easy, since I’m getting that little dose every 3 minutes, and I can change my basal rate at night. So, I just check my sugar and let the pump do the rest!