Behind the fog...a life ( A tribute to Anthony)

Tonight, as I write, my soul is swollen with tears. A man, my brother in law…was diagnoised with liver cancer stage 4. He has a year to live. If the cancer hasn’t spread to his spleen and back, he might be able to have a liver transplant. If it has spread, he has about a year to live.

This man never been to a doctor or hospital in 40 years. Till 3 months ago, he started having some pain that he couldn’t handled. Went to the doctor, almost a month ago and today they give him the bad news of cancer.

He has been a drinker for a long time of 35 years. Always the cheerful guy never the aggressor or a bully for his large frame. He’s 6’ 6" and always full of life even thur the very bad times he endured when he was married. He’s was more of a single father when he was married. The three kids always went to their father, for the signatures of school papers, help on their homework, the dinner he would cook after he got out of work, the raising of a football star son…his son plays football in Alaska.

He held his head up high and never lost faith in God. He never laid a hand on the woman, his ex wife, when she stoled money from his wallet for drugs and alcohol. When she was all passed out and couldn’t go to her son’s graduation ceremony. He continued to dress up for the occasion and was there for his son like he always has for all his children all their lives.

She finally went to jail for drug charges cause the judge got tired of seeing her in his court room. When she came out, he already divorced her and went on with his life a year later. He got another woman, and this time he did right by choosing her. She stands by her man.

Now she has to care for this man that she loves so much, and she has faith in the liver transplant. So like so many of us, family members have faith.

But, tonight I look at the family members that have been my in laws for nearly 10 years. I see all of us together in one room praying and talking and crying and frustrated, I see my family that Jboy has given to me. I see the light why I stayed. A family is not only blood but those that you care for. A family that shares the same bonding as a disease like diabetes.

Tonight, with the strenght of Anthony that he showed me by keeping his faith and calling the Devil a liar. When his eyes swolled up and said, ’ I need your support so that I don’t give up’ It threw me to this site how we all support each other. I told him that there will be a transplant to save him cause he can’t go now. Him and I have so much unfinished business like a game of pool that I can beat. This time I’ll let him win. Or that walk he said he would go to for the JDRF Cure for Diabetes Walk at the Dell Diamond.

This October the 31st is the walk, and I’m going in honor of Anthony for his strenght, courage, and for showing me that he believes in miracles. That little magic that he was able to show me tonight was gleaming thru my eyes. With that, I will proudly show off that light he gave me tonight. I will show the world his faith and courage to put into my faith for the cure of diabetes.

This is just another reminder of how much life is precious for you and me. When you see another person struggling, no matter what it is help them. A little or alot, it goes a long way. Be appreciative to them for letting you be generous while you are in need of support as well. Remember that, don’t be selfish. We are all in the same boat. Just show some light to people to feel the faith in there hearts.

I, myself don’t want to die like this from this disease but eventually I will. Till that day comes I will fight for a cure for you and me. That’s what family and friends are for. God bless you. Patti

You have a wonderful heart and soul, Patti. You are here for a reason…and so is Anthony. I wish you and your family only the best, and may Anthony live for many many years, we need the good people to stay around as long as possible.
Love to you and Anthony.