Being a mother of a diabetic child

Being a mother of a diabetic is a constant tension, all our feelings and emotions are tested daily.

We have no guarantee of a cure, so we know all that passed here, will be repeated.

We live a daily tension, sometimes hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia now.

Each blood glucose test, the heart beats faster, sometimes he calms down, it triggers other.

We react when we do not know what time of night we have to agree to an emergency.

It is a tension 24 hours a day.

At times we have to hide our children with diabetes to protect them from prejudice.

The time recreation of them is tense for us, that we are attentive to signs of hypoglycemia.

Our hours of recreation?? There. When we have a little time between a meal and another, want to rest.

Most mothers received the diagnosis after or during a difficult separation, but we have to react.

The world does not charge parents caring for a diabetic child, the mother snake, if something goes wrong, the culprit is always the mother.

Some of those who kept their marriage was short lived, it is hard to give special attention to a relationship and take care of a diabetic child, few men are involved in the care of a child, or at least understand.

When our children are not around, do not take the eye of the phone if it touches the heart squeezes, if he does not play, we turn to wonder why he does not play.

When we left and have to make a meal in a public place, we all look like we’re applying heroin our children .

We wish to restructure our lives, we want one day without worries, we want to forget everything for a day, just a day … But you can not.

We suffer only for our troubles, we hope, we fight for the cure, but it simply does not exist.

We think of food, carbohydrates, insulin, glucose and opportunistic infections every day, and think as we live, even after it is responsible for their own treatment, mother is mother.

Mother of a diabetic child, can not think in the future without fear.

The heart bleeds every day, in silence …

The mother of a diabetic child tune in to God, begging for a miracle every day …

But do not know why he does not hear us …

All I wanted today, is our freedom back.

I wanted to wake up from this nightmare!

I can not stand so limited!

I can not bear to tell my son that he must stop playing because glucose is low!

I can not stand to wake up my son to apply insulin!

I can not bear to go to sleep for fear of not hearing my son needs me in the middle of the night!

I can not stand this mediocre world where people only think about yourself!

I can not stand people saying I am strong!

I not am strong!

I gotta be strong!

“Grant me, Lord, the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.”

Sarah, what a beautiful blog. I have so much respect and admiration for parents of CWD, which you have just increased!

Hero and Angel.

Sarah, I am having a bad day today b/c my daughter’s numbers are all over the place. I too have felt every emotion you are writing about (& probably felt each one at least once during the last 24hrs). A break…1 day…24 hours where I could turn the care over to someone else & trust that she would be okay. Your writing really touched me in that it reminded me I am not alone. Thank You.

Can not imagine how, but you are doing a fabulous job. All of you. Your children are so lucky to have you.