Bent cannula

My son is a new pumper - just a few weeks in. Several times already we've had issues with bent cannulas. Any tips to avoid this problem? We're using quickset infusion sets with a medtronic pump. We're still getting the hang of things, so not sure if the issue is our technique or the product.

My daughter has been on the pump for 4 years and we have found some sets are more prone to this issue. We ran into the same issue with the animas infusion sets. If we rushed to quick with pulling out the needle after the insert, we tended to have issues. We have been using the Cleo for the past 2 years and have not had a single problem.

Thanks for the tip! I will make sure we don't rush next time,and we're thinking of trying a different kind of set.

We are 2 months into the pump...we use the silhouette...we tried the Sure T but found the needle insert was an issue during sports...since using the Silhouette, have had no issues and works well during soccer and gymnastics. Note, it is a bit intimidating doing the insert...the needle is about 2 inches long...but once it is in, it doesn't move. You should at least try it.

My son has been pumping for 2 years. He uses the Silhouette for the medtronic pump as well He hasn’t had any issues with the cannula bending. The needle length is intimidating at first but it didn’t take long for him to get used to it. Could you possibly be putting it in too shallow? That’s the only reason I can think of that it might bend. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

Thanks! We have a few samples of silhouettes. I think we'll try them, I've heard good things.

Thanks! I think we will give silhouette a try - I'm hearing good things. Quickset is easy to insert, but with the issues we've had he's getting really discouraged.

or try the silouette with the shorter cannula.