Pod "sweet" spot

Just curious. I have been on the Omnipod just over a month and I have found my best place for absorption and favorite place to have it in general is the back of my arm. I don’t know why, but it just seems to be out of the way and I have better control there. My tummy is kinda worn out right now from the old style infusion sets, so I don’t get the best readings when I have it there. Yeah, it doesn’t look so great under clothing since generally the sleeves on women’s clothing are a little tighter than mens, and I may change up to find a new spot when summer comes since it will be exposed then, but we’ll see.

So, what’s your favorite pod spot, or your “sweet” spot… ya know, the one where when you change it, you get great results and you hate to have to change on your third day??

My “sweet” spots: mid back, back of arm, and side of thigh.

i’ve only tried my stomach once… and, i didn’t like it that much. i think the reason, is because that’s where i carry most of my fat, and it’s soft fat. so, the pod moves around more, and it seems to tug. whereas, on my back, arm, and leg, it’s very firm, and the pod stays in place even when running.

My “sweet spots” are my lower back and back of the arm. I started out using my tummy most of the time so I could see it. But since I’ve been on the pod for a few months I tried my arm and back, and absolutely love it there! I have yet to try my thigh, I’ve heard that’s a good spot too!

i was kind of worried about trying it on my leg. first, because that’s not one of the recommended spots to put it. second, because my doctor said that the absorbtion rate in your legs isn’t as good as on your abdomen. and third, because i wasn’t sure if it would fit under my skinny jeans! but… GOOD NEWS! not only does it fit under my skinny jeans, but it’s also comfortable, and the absorbtion rate is just as good! so, try it! you’ll be suprised at how comfortable it is (probably. i can’t promise anything!). i just really like how well it stays there. let me know if you ever try it!

(right now, mine is on my back. it’s higher than normal, and closer to my spine. even though it’s more on my “less fleshy” places, it stays really well. and i’ve never had a problem of getting it knocked into at this spot.

Back of arm is the best for me–abdomen works good too. I have not had good luck on the thigh at all. I just took it off my leg an hour ago. I had highs the first day and lows the second day and normal reading the other half day I could get out of it. I don’t always get 3 days out of one. The amount of snacks during the Superbowl Party was unbelievable and since it was at my house it would have been rude not to sample everything. That may have contributed to me not getting 3 days out of it.

Where on your thigh does it fit under skinny jeans? Inner or outer?


My “sweet spot” would be my inner thigh and my hip! 2 favorite places:)

My favorite places are the back of my arms and lower back. Love those spots.

I’ve found that I can only use my abdomen. I tried my arms and found that (1) I do not have nearly as good BG control there, (2) the cannula seems to come out and leak insulin, and (3) my skin gets really irritated. I have pretty much no fat on my legs, so that wouldn’t be a good spot either. Haven’t tried my back.

So I basically alternate between the left and right sides of my abdomen. The lower part of my abdomen seems to work better than the upper part; the upper part seems to not absorb as well and also seems to result in more occlusions.