Best Glucose Meters and Lancing Devices

My Son has been using the Bayer Contour with the Mircolet (and Mircrolet 2) since diagnosed 4 years ago. He is very active (plays sports) I check him frequently during games. I want a Meter that uses cartrige strips… ones that you don’t have to fumble with. I would also like a lancing device that uses the drum,with several lancets… hate fumbling with those too. I did try the ACCUCHECK, but I kind of hate the bulkiness of it. Also the attached lancing device is a single dispense one… although the same company makes a device that holds several in a drum. ( I do like this lancing device, I think) Has anyone used the BREEZE? Is it similar to the Contour in accuracy? Would love to hear your opinions and feedback… Thank you.

I like the Accuchek Compact. As you point out far from actually being compact, but everything (meter, cartridge of 17 strips, and lancet) in one package makes testing on the go quite easy. No fumbling with foil wrapped strips or pulling them out of a little canister.

I agree with Tim. I also use the Accuchek Compact Plus. It isn’t really necessary to change the lancet everytime it is used by your son. As long as he is the only one sticking a finger you can use the lancet many times. Don’t expect a doc or Rph to tell you this, I think they want to sell more lancets.
The drum in the Compact Plus automatically moves on after each test strip is used.