Looking for a new lancing device

I lost my BD lancing device today and when I went online to look for a replacement I discovered that it had been discontinued. Anyone have a suggestion for a device to use with the BD 33 gauge lancets. I'm willing to pay extra for something gentle.


I have sworn by the Accu-chek multi lancet, drum and kept it to use with several other model meters. The drum holds six lancets and you never even see them (I was surprised when I saw somebody's lancets, they looked so primitive!). You rotate them and can set the depth. I have heard other people say they really prefer it as well.

I love the accu-chek lancet with drum....it lasts forever..i have to remind myself to click it to change the lancet! I will never use any other.

That one is called a Microlet, it will use the BD 33, and it's okay. The BD pen lancet device is my favorite, I'll be really bummed if/when mine wears out. I did notice the local pharmacy has a device much like it...and 33g lancets much cheaper than the BD ones. I have read many raves about one called Delica but also read it is costly.

Maurie, I suspect any device will work and you should just check out size, shape, amenities, etc... From my experience it is really the lancet that causes the pain, trouble, etc. The BD 33s fit in all my devices just so ya know, they are made to do so.

I have the One Touch Delica and I LOVE mine. Super fine needle on the lancet.

I use the MultiClix as well, even though I don't use an Accu-Chek meter. I love it. It does look fairly high-tech compared to the other devices, which I (being a geek) also love!

The BD was nice because it didn't slam the lancet home.

Hi Maurice,

I must have tried about 12 different devices.

I think the best two out there at the moment are the BD Microlet 2, really easy to hold and use and enough depth gauge settings so you don't feel it.

The accu chek multi clix I have is also good, I have two I have never used if you would like me to send you one? This is okay, but I find it a little over engineered and the drums are more costly.

For size and ease of use I would go for the BD microlet 2


If you had the One Touch, I’d second the Delica recommendation. The needle is extremely fine and, other than that, it works about the same way as the old one.

I use the accu-chek and the delica. The accu-chek is more stable and it is nice just having to turn a dial to change lancets every couple of months or whatever. The delica is great too, and finer gauge. Accu-chek is large compared to other pokers. I tend to use it at home and have a delica for the meter in my purse.

We tried the Delica for the first time two weeks ago when switching my son over to the pump...have to say, I absolutely HATE it. like throw it across the room hate it!! For whatever reason, and we've tried two, it is nearly impossible, even on #7 to get enough blood for the pump tester to read the stick...the One Touch makes him bleed,but we've gone back to it..when I spoke with our nurse, she said that many people love the delica, and she was the one urging us to switch to it because of the fine needle, which was so exciting for me and my son, but for our purposes, it is just TOO fine and I would end up pricking my son six or seven times for one test....bummer. will try the other one suggested below, Microlet..ak

I'm one of those who loves the Delica. I've always used Accuchek until I started on a pump. My CDE gave me a Delica and I find it completely painless compared to the Accuchek. My CDE said it's the one they use on babies. I haven't had any problems at all getting enough blood for a test. The little black dots on my fingertips are actually starting to go away now.

I just wish we could figure out why it isn't working for us...#7 is the highest gauge, right? Did you change the way you use the lancet with the Delica? I love how fin it is and I do think it is nearly painless for my little one, but the frustration level for me was just too high. Any/all guidance advice to make it work would be appreciated!!

Yes, I have mine set on 7. And no, I have not changed the way I use the lancet. I can see how it might be frustrating for a parent and I'm sure it's much harder to use any device on your child's little fingers than on yourself.

It took me a bit to get used to the feel of "loading the trigger" for the Delica vs what I was used to before. But less pain won me over. Maybe ask in the Parents group and someone there might have tips for using it with a small child?

The only thing that comes to mind for me is that sometimes when my hands are cold, I have trouble getting a blood drop no matter what device I use. Sometimes if I wash my hands in warm water first, that helps get a blood drop.

The Bayer Microlet using the BD 33 gauge lancets is easy to use and even better (less painful) than the BD lancing device according to my wife

YEs, most of my issues are when I test him at night while he's asleep, so maybe that's the issue....thanks so much. Maybe Ill give it a try, but not sure how to fix that problem, as rubbing his fingers would wake him...which I try not to do! Thanks, again.

For my 3 years old daughter we use accu-check fastclix (link), has a drum with 6 lancets and we find it to be very gentle.