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My endo has gave me the thumbs up to finally go on the insulin pump =D. Im so excited. They gave me a whole bunch of different flyers of pumps. Ive finally narrowed it down to 3 choices. My insurance covers everything my endo recommends, and he said he would recommend anything I want, because theyre all good. So, The Omnipod, The Medtronic Minimed Pardiagram, Or the One Touch Ping. Which ones would yall recommend? Thankyou =D

Can you take any of these pumps for a “test drive”? There are many things that you don’t know are important for until after you’ve lived with it for a few days.

Yes, they are all good and do the same thing essentially. . I would recommend like Terry said to take them for a test drive if possible. I have a Medtronic pump and I like it. People like the Ping because of certain features or looks. There have been many people that do not like the omnipod because they come off easily, but you don’t have to be tethered to it. The omnipod also has a PDA thing for control that you may like or feel you would forget it all the time. I would order a sample omnipod to see how it feels, and get your hands on the other two if you can. People love their Ping pumps, and I like them to. Probably would have gotten one if I would have known more about them. I went with the standard and the one my CDE knew the most about. I have been happy with it.

Any of those pumps would work well. I have the omnipod and love it.

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I have the Ping and love it… I did go back and forth between the same ones you are looking at… I went with the Ping, sorry if anything is missed speeled, but I’m treating a low from not eating lounch, because of their support. I have had a few issues with learning to pump and they ahve been theere for me everytime. My sster and I went to a move last night adn i was able to take a correction blous in the middle os the miove because of the lighted screen. it’s awesome!

Yeah, as David has said try before you buy. My Endo pretty much only works with MM so I didn’t have much of a choice but so far I like the pump. Good luck on your choice.