Best pump

I was thinking about changing to a pump or getting an omnipod? I would like to know if you are currently using a pump, which type have you had the best experience with. thanks

Hi Samantha.
Hello Samantha.
I use a Medtronic 722 pump with CGMS. I believe that knowing how it behaves blood glucose compared to what you eat or physical activity you are doing is very important to obtain good control. I make no secret that when the micro beep at night, because the levels are outside limits, is a hassle, but then, is the price you have to pay. I am very well with this model, although, in my opinion, it lacks some features. Be able to manage and be able to read the reports from remote would be a very good comfort, but at present it is not possible. We can match a blood glucose meter that transmits blood glucose level, but this model does not use “cartridges” but only single strip. Can calculate boluses and this is goodl; unloading is done through a browser and data can be seen by the doctor (you must give him login credentials for access).
What I’m really lack is the ability to manage and display data from remote plus the ability to transmit data from glicometer with cartridge (new models). For the rest it is excellent and its evolution (model EVO) should allow modification of the infusion to changes in blood glucose levels to avoid hypoglycemia (if you’re using a sensor for CGMS).
I hope to help you in your choice. Keep in mind that any model of pump you choose, life will change for the better.

I also use the 722 from Medtronic. I’ve been on the pump for a bit over two years now and love it. So far I have had an excellent experience with the pump and with the company.

Really all three of the major companies, Medtronic, Animas, and Insulet make great pumps though. It would seem that feature wise they are all going to be on an even leveler playing field pretty soon with the future integration of the Dexcom CGM into the Ping and OmniPod, so that’s cool and one thing to keep in mind since all 3 of them will then eventually have that technology built into them.

If you haven’t already, I would definitely get in contact with the companies through their websites and have them send you information on their products. The pump representatives from the various companies can probably even meet with you too and show you their pumps in person so you can see them hands on which is helpful. :slight_smile: