Big News To Share!

Super Congrats!, I hear that you have to work hard to always have your BG in range during conception and pregnancy, so you did it this far, you are a dedicated gal, I’m rooting for you! Any chance being pregnant can help you get a CGM, I remembered you were interested it one. We are just a week getting used to our son’s. Its wonderful, but there is a learning curve to use it and the information it gives. Best Wishes :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Here’s to a happy and healthy nine months!

Congratulations!!! Now, here’s hoping for a healthy diabetic pregnancy. It’s NOT easy, but you have already demonstrated that you have the determination and courage to do what you have to in order to control this beastie! I can hardly wait to hear about the outcome! (Pun intended???) :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of the kind words and congratulations! I am THRILLED!!! :slight_smile: My last A1C was 6.7 up from 6.1 so I am working very hard to get that down. After low carbing for so long I am having trouble introducing more carbs into my diet so my ketone scared doctors do not get alarmed. But why can’t I low carb during pregnancy? I’m sure all women with morning sickness are passing ketones and centuries ago when they lived off of a paleo diet humans obviously still reproduced healthy babies…just a thought…

All of my paperwork is done for a Dexcom 7 CGM and they are in the process of getting approval from my insurance.

Congratulations. Nothing cuter than a baby. Have fun with it. Regarding our caveman ancestors and the paleo diet, not so sure they were low carbing it. You can get tons of carbs from fruit, fruit being so high carb. I would assume fruit would be a part of their diet. An A1c of 6.7 is still good, though I know you need to keep it lower during pregnancy. Do you have access to a cgms? Cgms should help immensely when figuring out how to cover the carbs in your diet.

Ketones, as long as they are not a sign of ketoacidosis are a normal biological product. I’ve heard that everyone produces ketones during the night when they are not eating. I think doctors just worry about ketones because they are afraid of ketoacidosis.

I think the bigger issue is that you need to control your BGs very tightly in order to minimize the chances of birth defects or a stillbirth (these can happen to normal women though – no guarantees), AND gain enough weight so that you will have the reserves for breast feeding. Raising your carb level a LITTLE might be a good idea, because it makes weight gain easier, but not too much, obviously. That’s why a dietitian with experience in diabetic pregnancies might have some good ideas. During pregnancy, all former bets about diabetes are off. Plus your insulin needs may at first go down, and then go up, often day by day, and it can be hard to handle by yourself.

I hope you joined the Oh Baby! group – there are a lot of women who are pregnant or have been, and they have a lot of experience that is relevant. They can give you better advice than anyone else! :slight_smile:

Congrats !!! Hope all goes well for the pregnancy.

Yay! And good luck. I sweated it out 3 weeks but ours covered 100%, but we had to have a trial cgm session on file because of his age. Luckily we had just completed it (with Meditronic) when they told us that, so I guess wait could have been longer, I’m glad it wasn’t. Glad we wanted the Dex all along, love it. Going to be looking for daily patterns this weekend. Be well. :slight_smile:

Thinking Olivia Grace and call her Livy
Or Preston Blake… but it changes by the day! lol
anyone with cute baby name ideas let me know!

thanks Nat, the endo made me come in and see him today and told me to test for ketones in the morning also got onto me about eating enough carbs but he said trace-small ketones are OK. so I will adjust my carbs according to the ketostix. I started increasing my carbs today and am at 50, I will increase by 5 additional carbs a day until I only measure trace-small ketones.

Congratulations! I will be praying for a successful and healthy pregnancy for you.

CONGRATULATIONS! That is wonderful news.

congrats!!! you better name him after me! :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations! God bless you throughout your pregnancy and beyond!


Aww, that’s so fabulous!