The BIG NEWS is being leaked!

This is an exciting moment…drum roll please…my husband and I are having a BABY!! Yes, I am 12 weeks pregnant and finally feel confident in the tenacity of my new little spud that I’m willing to share it with all of you! (Just don’t tell my mom or dad yet, we’ll be telling them in person when we see them in May - I want to save them a few months of worry about my health). See our 12-week ultrasound scan in my slideshow above. So cute! Baby was shrugging, stretching, jumping about in there, finally resting and hiding it’s face behind it’s little fists. What a sight to behold. What a miracle.

As my first trimester begins it’s home stretch, I am beginning to really accept the fact that my dreams are coming true! Today I had an early screening (NT) to detect my possibilities of the baby having any chromosomal abnormalities. Considering I’m going to be 37 when I birth this babe, I’m super happy with my low-risk outcome. The ratio is 1 in 3579. YES!!! Celebrate by telling people!!

My healthcare team is pretty comprehensive - including a great endo, 3 CDE’s (one nutritionist), OB, plus a massage therapist (pretty cheaply covered by my university), plus my insurance covers an acupuncturist (I’m eternally grateful every day to say the least). I plan on getting a doula and taking a prenatal yoga class, in addition to regular dog-walks, swimming and kickboxing (for now). My last A1C was 6.1 and all my bp/proteins/iron/bloodwork looks normal and good. Yippee!! Positive healthy moms with diabetes are happening - just like they never thought it could…

That’s Wonderful News. Good for you. (I’m telling your Parents. :smiley: ) You know they will worry until your Baby is about 30 years old. Glad to hear that your tests are Good. Congratulations and Best Wishes to you, your Hubby and your Sweet Little One.


lol happy for you!

HOORAH!!! Congrats!! Keep us posted :slight_smile:

PS We should feel honored to know before your parents. I realized that when I am pregnant, the TuDiabetes community will probably be the first to know!

woooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I’m so happy for you :slight_smile:

CONGRATS! That was wonderful news to wake up to!


Yeah! can’t wait to follow your exciting journey. Please keep us posted.

Thanks everyone! You’re outpouring of support is just what I was hoping for…I’ll certainly keep you all posted as things progress. I’ve been pretty lucky that I haven’t suffered any major morning sickness, except for this week! I’m still not convinced it’s morning sickness, I think it may just be something bad I ate, or a little bug. Either way, it’s sure good to have a good appetite (we take it for granted, don’t we?). My belly hasn’t grown too big yet, but I am starting to gather extra fat reserves (oh boy, lol!). Thanks again for all the positive comments, I am absolutely thrilled (as you can probably tell) and hope that others feel confident to “take the plunge” too!! Having such a knowing support group really helps make this journey real for me.



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Milwaukee, WI



Congrats! thats amazing news!



Congrats! wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy… :slight_smile: