Birth control, working overnight

I've got a couple of questions. The first one is for the ladies.
I've tried every pill out there and even the mirena as a form of birth control and all of them have led my blood sugars to sky rocket! Like 400s-500s, even with extra insulin. I'm almost positive I don't want anymore children, but not sure enough to get my tubes tied. So I was wondering if any of you ladies have had any luck with the Paraguard IUD? Any change in blood sugars or frequent infections? Any input would help.

And for the second question, I am about to start an overnight position next week (part-time, overnight is the only time I can work and really need extra money right now due to my hubbys recent dx of ulcerative colitis). I just started back on Lantus and Humalog via the pen about a week ago after being on the pump for 8 years. So basically I'm just wondering if y'all had any tips.

Thanks again!
I just started using this site again and I love it!

PS: I'm sure a lot of you have heard, but it appears we are VERY close to a CURE FOR DIABETES!!!! : )

Sorry I dont know what to tell you about the birth control. I was only on Ortho TriCyclen, and I had really stable blood glucose levels on it. Just another way we are all different.

Lantus I found when I was on it, to get the best results, I needed to split the dose. Take around 18 units at night, and 16 during the day. Otherwise I'd end up with some wicked lows at night if I tried to take it all at one time.

When I went off the pill a year ago, my BGL went down rapidly and has stayed there. I was even able to cut one of my oral meds.
I have not tried the IUD, but as a non-hormonal form of birth control, it should not affect your diabetes.