Blah Day

yesterday was pretty crummy for me. no real reason I just wansnt
feeling well. Dont think it really had anything to do with D. I did
check my BS and it was 78, not bad but low for me. this is the 2nd
time this month I get my period and I dont know why. I always had an
irregular period but after K was born my cycle was pretty regular. I
feel crummy, all I want to do is sleep. I dont want to eat and yet
have these craving for chocolate and sweets but when I do indulge I
dont like it. I feel like I’m forcing myself to it. I think my body
knows I shouldnt be eating it. I’m really emotional too. I dropped off my
husband at work and cried and told him I didnt want him to go to work,
that I wanted him to say with me. I just turned into a little kid. K
has a little cold which make it that much harder to deal with how I
feel. I tought I felt better this morning but I think I feel the
same. :frowning:

I feel for you, sounds like your body is going through some changes. Since I am still new to things about diabetes, I’m thinking some of the things causing you to feel down and tired and craving chocolates, etc, could be hormones. That probably doesn’t help, but you are not alone. On my side of life, and especially during my cycle…I feel down, want to sleep and I cry too. And wanting chocolate is always something I deal with. I know getting up and taking a walk outside helps a little…just getting some fresh air, even when you don’t want to, helps a little. Hang in there Crystalee. :0) Anna