Letter from SHROPSIRE

Hate it when you have typed a blog and the computer decides to scrub it, and you have to start all over again thank heaven for the anti depression pills, I had poured out my soul deep kept secrets which would have shocked you, made life intolerable for some people and changed the World forever,on the other hand it might have sent people to sleep.

One of our more enduring traits as a nation is talking about the weather why well that is easy you never know from one day to the next what it is going to be, take yesterday an overnight frost let us wake up to a white scene of slippery paths ice covered cars thick as a good sandwich, then within hours bright warm sunshine and by 5pm rain and it has not stopped raining since.

Contemplated having a shave yesterday but never got around to it leave it for a couple of days and my face itches and in desperation you put razor to skin, wish I did not have to shave mind you lots of things I wish I did not have to do,like take injection three times a day take 14 pills and keep pricking my fingers to test blood sugars, if only.

Back to the weather very windy with the rain chucking it down no gentle pitter patter on the windows but like Morse code if I knew what that was no birds singing trying to keep dry in there nests or roofs were they live on a day like this anywhere will do, I only walked 5 yards to wave the wife good bye and my hair got drenched, OK i could have put the umbrella up but come on guys we men do not do such things to be honest the thought never crossed my little mind.

Smudge is in dreamland eyes twitching one ear raised and I think one eye closed alert but not fully alert being safe and sound in her home.

Taken victoza and morning pills all 10 of them have insulin with breakfast later, if only my doggy was resting on my feet life would be a little more enjoyable surprising how close you become to your pets, even when he was chewing the newspaper and post to bits never need a paper shredder when he was alive,smudge is great but she does not lye on my feet and give me that look or come to that have a cold nose or waggly tail OK she switches it now and then and wakes me up by sitting on my tummy in bed meowing.

Still raining feet cold where are you Ben dad needs you,even at 63 you get all emotional at times,sometimes I get the feeling Ben is about our house groans and creeks from time to time so perhaps just the house expanding and what is the word I am looking for the opposite of expanding beat me if you know send me a post card marked thick as two planks England, any way hope yo know what I mean,the wife will be sixty four on Friday better not let her hear that she tells me she is waiting to be sixty, she is seven months older than me so I am her toy boy until my next birthday,as I said face itching and time for brekky so until next time keep well keep safe keep sane