Long time no see

Even Larks have to take time out,the past 6 months have been difficult to say the least some days my body refused to function,probably a combination of the regime of drugs I take daily,I guess some of you will know exactly what I mean the flesh is willing but the effort and sheer pain some days make you want to sleep and sadly to say not wake up,it is more of a drain on those around me than it is for myself where is the granddad that use to chase us around where is my dad that could do some of those jobs about the house that he use to where is the husband that at times was moody but mananged to make me smile at the same time, September saw our 44th Wedding Anniversary add 3 more years of inseprability where we could not bear to be away from each other company for a minute never mind an hour it is funny what love can do to you there you are one of the ladsgetting pie eyed every night the next you fall in love get married become a dad and less face it who prepares either of you for that,one minute mom is taking care of your every need the next you are making plans with a person who you might spend the rest of your life with,what has this to do with diabetes I hear you shout,well i can tell you if Iwas on my own this beast runningriot in my body would have over whelmed me a long time ago,diabetes just does not only affect the person who has it but everyone close to that person,just a note here the spelling is poor but just sitting here is an effort in it's self so bear with me.
To all my fellow tues out there thanks for the message especilly my pal lotofshots,no Moon tonight very cloudy,it is my Angels 65th Birthday on Saturdaylast week I accidently trod on her toes in one of my dizzy spells and she has been hobbaling about ever since with 3 really brused toes sorry love worse than an elephant some times,smudge as ever is never far from my side in fact she was so close one day I fell over her she gave me a scouring look sorry smudgebut it could hasve been worse I might have fallen on you not funny having a flat cat.
Our granson Jacob was 2 last week he is a bundle of fun loves his granpa but he wants to play more than I can manage so if you are listening Lord when he is about can I have a bit more energy thank's, winter is on it's way at 5am it was bitterly cold and jack frost had tried to settle but the rain shhweeed him away but he will be back that you can bet your last penny on, mentioning th cold my feet and legs are cold anyone have time to rub them for me,do it myself but bending down is somewhat of a problem well not the bending down the getting up after.

It was my dad's Bithday last week would have loved to have seen him hope you had a nice time dad,the dreaded mens flu is doing the rounds most of our kids have had it so have the grandchildren so why call it mens flu,as usual we had our flu vacination should really give it to everyone what do you think,just about done in so thanks for stopping by best wishes twiddlemthumbs

Hi Twiddle. It has been a long time, glad to see you posting again. I'm thinking that you must be feeling better, also glad about that. So hello to you and your family, and of course Smudge. With the holidays approaching, Happy Early Holidays!

Twiddle- It is great to hear from you again. Hope you are feeling better than before. Also your wife and smudge are well too.

WOW Good to hear from u again. Tell ur wife HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me!

Dear Twiddle…so nice to have you back :slight_smile:
It was lovely reading your blog.

Here in Canada, the weather is prepping for Winter…I can’t deal with the cold the way I used too!

Be well…in spite of the cold and pains…


My friend Beth Finke went blind from diabetes related retinopathy and wrote a really entertaining book called "Long Time No See". The diabetes was a bump in the road.