Blood Glucose Units Converter App by Bernard Farrell

Some of you may recall the news we shared mid-October about the support in TuDiabetes of so-called Open Social applications.

I wrote to the folks in the Diabetic Geeks group about the possibility of creating an Open Social application for converting Blood Glucose Units between mg/dL and mmol/L and one of of most beloved geeks rose up to the challenge.

Bernard Farrell created the first Open Social Application to help convert Blood Glucose Units. To add it to your profile page, click here and Add the application or visit the Misc category in our listing of Applications and click on “Add To My Page”.

Also, if you prefer, here is a direct link to the application page:

Please thank Bernard for taking the time to come up with this useful application that can now be used by everyone very conveniently, without leaving TuDiabetes or adding any kind of code to your member page.

This is awesome.

Nice going, Bernard!

Well, rainbowgoddess:
Indeed it’s a simple mathematical calculation, but convenience is what applications are all about in the end. Also, this is a start in terms of us being able to take advantage of Open Social. In the coming months, we will see more useful applications appearing to help us all with diabetes management.

Woohoo!!! Great stuff, thanks!

Hey Mark,
You may want to drop Bernard a line with that question:

I just wrote the post, but I didn’t develop the app: he did.

Have a nice Sunday!

Divide mg/dl by 18 or multiply mmol/l by 18

Mark what algorithm are you working on? Rate of descent ie angle of the dangle?