Blood Sugar dropping at 17 weeks

Hi all,
i’ve been on fast acting for breakfast/dinner and slow-acting insulin at night for my fasting. I have GD.

It’s been 2 days since my blood numbers are good within range (97 fasting, 135 1hr post-meal) although my insulin dosage hasn’t changed for a week and i didn’t even walk in the past 2 days. Usually I go about 140-150 post lunch/dinner without walking. My portions are about the same. I even tried to increase my carb a little bit this morning and 1hr came out at 135. with that same amount of carb, and no walking, normally i would get like 160.

I’ve read that a drop in blood sugar meaning something might be wrong with the placenta but then am I too early for this? in a week, i will have an anatomy scan and they will look at the placenta. For now, both of my doctor and the nutritionist dont’ even worry although i’m worried. the obgyn offers a heart rate listening and said a scan now won’t help because to look at the placenta, you need to be around 18 weeks and i already scheduled one for next week (6 days exact).

Have anyone have this issue before? Do we have low-sugar days in 2nd trimester or as we get later, the blood sugar shall have bee increased?

thanks for your help

Sorry to say every pregnancy is different as is each person. Each one of my three pregnancies was a little different. That being said, I think if something is different than “usual” that warrants a call.
I did have that major drop in blood sugars at but it was month eight & we did take my son four weeks early. But I was in daily communications during those major drops in blood sugars. Good luck with your pregnancy!