Blood Sugar

Men I got to get this sugar under control,if I don’t this is going to KILL ME …I check my blood sugar.I try to eat right
it just will not stay down, I take my insulin like I’m suppose too.What is going on? man I hate having this, my mother has it my father had it, my sister my brother my grandmother,aunt and uncle what is going on ? my hole family almost.I’m trying to change my eating habits, I’m going to try the vegetarian diet and stay off the meat, and see if that helps.This illness has made me unable to walk. I have nerve and muscle disorder in my legs that crazy…I hate it I hate it I hate it.

Oh Lynne,
I know what you mean about hating it,last night I was in tears because of it all one minute my sugar level was 8.4 (thats good in the uk) and then the next minute it 1.4 (not good a tall) managed to walk downstairs and got some food a banana and a muffin walked back to my room sat on the floor just burst into tears for some reason all I wanted to do was sleep not to have to stuff my face.
For everyone else in house hold they just get into their beds and they are in the land of snooze but not

Sorry to go on but my advice to you would be to carb count everything you eat at first I was estimating and taking the wrong doses now everything I weigh and find out the amount of carbs and for most of the day my levels are on point thank God.Still have some battles but I will win them sooner or later.
Good luck and get in touch if you need to.

Lynne if your bg was 1.4 you should drink a coke or some similar sugary drink to bring your sugars up quickly. The banana and muffin take longer to get your bg up.

Sorry that was for Osob

Use that energy you use to hate and put it in the direction to better educate yourself as Osob suggests. Hate only makes you want to back down and not fight.

Its easy to hate and fear when you are frustrated and things are confusing. Go where you can find the better next step. I tell people I’m not a good teacher because I know everything, I’m a good teacher because I never give up finding the right answer.

I was put on a Mediterranean Diet, five small meals a day. That works for me. Its low red meat but not vegetarian. Its low processed foods. Its about eating all the veggies you can stand. I keep it very low carb cause that’s what helps me.

Good Luck. You will get this under control. Keep trying and have faith.
I hate it, too. But tomorrow is another day.