Blood Test Results

I got my blood test for GAD and it’s 7 something so I am positive Type 1. The weird part is my C-Pep is normal, I guess my pancreas is quite a fighter. LOL The Endo wanted me to try diet and exercise for control, well that wasn’t working. My bs slowly started to climb no matter what I did. After seeing a lot of 200+'s I started insulin again. I got my control back and am seeing some good numbers again!!!
Well I’ll just enjoy my not having to use a long acting insulin for now. I am sure I’ll need sometime in the future. Also not sure why but the Dr.'s are saying I am not quite a type 1 or type 2, type 1.5???. LOL I don’t know about them but that little trip down the DKA road pretty much tells me Yep, Type 1!!!