Blood Work?

Got the results of my bloodwork back and am happy to see that my A1C went from 6.7 down to 6.0; lowest I ever had.

For the Creatinine normal is 0.70-1.33 mg/dl I am at 1.44

eGFR Non-Afr. American > OR = 60 ml/min/1.73m2 I am at 54

RDW 11.0-15.0% I am at 15.2

Cholesterol, Total 125-200 mg/dl I am at 114

Should I be concerned about any of the blood work that is out of range? I am not familiar with the creatitine, eGFR or RDW.

GOOD Job on the A1C!


Again, congrats on the A1c!

I work in a laboratory. Creatinine and eGFR have to do with kidney function. With age, kidney function slowly declines (even in patients without the big D). Depending on your age and other factors, these results may be ok for you, but your doctor will be able to interpret exactly what these numbers mean in your situation. Ask and see what they say.

RDW has to do with the variance in size of your red blood cells. I would say this is nothing to worry about. 15.2 is pretty normal, and since there were no other abnormalities in your CBC data, you're good.

Remember, each different laboratory sets most of their own 'normal' values. They are based on their specific patient populations. Therefore, most labs have very similar normal ranges, but they vary just a little bit. However, for example, eGFR is actually a calculation of how well your kidneys filter your blood, and 'normal' is 'normal' no matter what lab you visit (depending on age, etc). Your doc will help you interpret your results :)

Thanks Red. I am 56. Every time I get blood work done I start getting nervous; mainly because my sister died earlier this year unexpected.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I know the feeling about getting nervous. I am 26 but I've had diabetes for 17 years and I always feel like a complication could pop up at any minute. Are you able to ask your doc about your results?

Thanks Red; My Endo is slightly concerned about the RDW and wants to do blood work on me again in 6 months. She kind of thinks it may be because of nothing to drink the night before and I was slightly dehyghdrated.

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