Bluebells beneath my feet

As I walk through this Forrest called maturity sometimes the canopy of the trees stop the warm of the Sun from gently warming my body and soul some paths in the Forrest lead to thickets where it seems impossible to get through other paths lead to glades where the cushion of bluebells fill your inner senses and thoughts with belonging you sit for a moment close your eyes and think of loved ones who have passed this way before for no journey in life is ever taken without your ancestors who have trod in your footsteps previously,birds sing to there hearts content the creatures big and small go about there daily routine of finding food and not becoming food themselves,the near by stream gently trickling over the rocks forming little pools where frogs newts and other aquatic creatures play there part in making your journey one where your thoughts good or bad melt with the silence and peacefulness of the day,you can loose yourself completely and like a wave washing onto the shore cleanse your mind and body for the journey ahead.

Sitting here aching all over and in some pain thanking God for another day praying to make me Strong and bear my journey I long for the walk in the Forrest where the Sun can once again warm my body and soul and the sight of bluebells gently blowing in the breeze can wash away my woes.