If I could click my my heels together and make a wish I would plump for being fit and active selfish I know when lots of things need sorting in the World, but as this is only a fantasy I am going to treat myself I miss the walks in the countryside especially the 3 mile walk to Ironbridge at this time of the year the hedge groves are full and nesting birds flutter about as you pass by,the lanes with the tree branches that overhang as if trying to meet one another on opposite sides of the lane and enfold you in the warm embrace,the Sun filtering through the tree tops almost lighting your way as you go gives you a feeling of being closer to nature than the real World we live in your mind can wonder without the hassle and bussle of everyday life your worries melt as the snow does when warmed by the Sun you can forget yourself for a while and give yourself to that fleeting moment where time seems to stand still.

Passing horses in the meadow they look up at you as if to say look what you are missing occasional they would wonder up to the gate and let you stroke them on the head look into a horses eyes see what it sees a wonderful World full of lazy hazy days or watch rabbits hopping about chasing one another or the occasional fox keeping a beady eye on the going ons,the smell of roses wharfing through the air the birds flying so gracefully on there way to who knows where finding a patch of grass to sit and take in the atmosphere this is the life ever one should have,calm quite and a pace that lets you be one with yourself and nature.

Well that would be my wish not to be out of breath just standing up,not to be in pain not to feel light headed not have to take insulin victoza and up to 16 pills a day,you could say it was my Paradise just think Adam and Eve had all this once and threw it away,birds chattering outside baby birds calling for food there nest is in the neighbors eves life goes on no matter how fast we go and it will still be going on long after I have found my Paradise on the other hand are there country lanes in the place below,