Bluetooth Problem with IOS 13.4?

My Dexcom G6 transmitter is disconnecting from my iPhone once or twice a day for the past week or so and I have two thoughts… my transmitter is on it’s 80th day so it’s battery may be getting pretty weak, and I updated my iPhone to IOS 13.4.1 about a week ago and I have heard it may have some bluetooth issues.

So is any one having issues with IOS 13.4 and disconnects? Or has any one had their transmitter start to fail when it is near the end of the 90 day lifespan? I’m just trying to decide which one I should focus on troubleshooting.


No problems for me so far.

Good to know, thanks for your reply.

I have had connection problems near the end of the transmitter life. I bet its fine once you swap it out.

Andy check the compatibility of the G6 with the IOS 13.4.1
I haven’t updated for this reason.

I think my issue was a combination of things, but it seems the sensor was more of the problem than the transmitter. I changed the transmitter (it had been in use for about 80 days) and still saw the signal dropouts for a couple days and the dexcom app was saying the sensor was failing, so I switched to a new sensor and it has been working good so far. I do think I have seen more bt disconnects since updating the iphone to iOS 13.4.1, but now I know the sensor was also failing. Thanks for everyones input!

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Andy I know you posted this back in April but we never updated to 13.4 cause Dexcom said not to update until they gave the Ok. Well just today July 19th they gave the update to 13.4 the ok. Now this afternoon we got an Apple message to update they are updating to 13.6! Dexcom has not said to do it yet!

Just another frustration with technology!

Mine loses connection all the time however it does not lose connection with my t connect ap on the same phone.
I really have no idea why