More reasons not to update to iOS13

If you’re using an iPhone you might want to avoid iOS 13.

And yes, for those using Android devices, everything remains status quo

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They had two updates to IOS13 already. It should fix most of the problems. I waited for the first update before I down loaded IOS13 01. I have had no problems with my diabetes apps. The latest I believe is IOS 13.02.


anyone using a G6 update without problems?

Their website still says only: 12.3.1

Apple iOS
11.0.0 - 12.3.1 (for compatible devices only)

No problems for me.

Every time Apple updates iOS you’ll get a message in the app stating it hasn’t been fully tested with the new release. It doesn’t prevent you from using it. It disappears shortly thereafter when the evaluation is complete.

Indeed, I’ve been getting that Dexcom popup about iOS 13 regularly.

Ever since my iPhone updated itself to iOS 13 (and the follow-on updates a few days later), my G5 Mobile app has had repeated signal loss errors, to the extent where I pretty much have to use the DexCom receiver instead of my phone. I asked DexCom tech support about it and the answer was that they don’t know why this is happening.

Interestingly enough, the problem seems to occur primarily when I am in an environment where there are other bluetooth devices. So, it works on my nightstand overnight, but not during the day when I’m around my computer, etc. To me, this implies that the DexCom iPhone app isn’t appropriately discriminating between different attached Bluetooth devices. My DexCom receiver doesn’t seem to have nearly as many signal loss errors As the phone.

I spent about thirty years testing high-criticality software being developed. I would love to see DecCom’s testing protocol. Not to nention the code.

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I’m on the latest iOS 13.x release no issues with my Dexcom working.

I do not let Apple update automatically. I usually wait a couple of days or weeks to see if any problems show up. Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling? I am no computer expert for sure.

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