More reasons not to update to iOS13

If you’re using an iPhone you might want to avoid iOS 13.

And yes, for those using Android devices, everything remains status quo


They had two updates to IOS13 already. It should fix most of the problems. I waited for the first update before I down loaded IOS13 01. I have had no problems with my diabetes apps. The latest I believe is IOS 13.02.


anyone using a G6 update without problems?

Their website still says only: 12.3.1

Apple iOS
11.0.0 - 12.3.1 (for compatible devices only)

No problems for me.

Every time Apple updates iOS you’ll get a message in the app stating it hasn’t been fully tested with the new release. It doesn’t prevent you from using it. It disappears shortly thereafter when the evaluation is complete.

Indeed, I’ve been getting that Dexcom popup about iOS 13 regularly.

Ever since my iPhone updated itself to iOS 13 (and the follow-on updates a few days later), my G5 Mobile app has had repeated signal loss errors, to the extent where I pretty much have to use the DexCom receiver instead of my phone. I asked DexCom tech support about it and the answer was that they don’t know why this is happening.

Interestingly enough, the problem seems to occur primarily when I am in an environment where there are other bluetooth devices. So, it works on my nightstand overnight, but not during the day when I’m around my computer, etc. To me, this implies that the DexCom iPhone app isn’t appropriately discriminating between different attached Bluetooth devices. My DexCom receiver doesn’t seem to have nearly as many signal loss errors As the phone.

I spent about thirty years testing high-criticality software being developed. I would love to see DecCom’s testing protocol. Not to nention the code.

I don

I’m on the latest iOS 13.x release no issues with my Dexcom working.

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I do not let Apple update automatically. I usually wait a couple of days or weeks to see if any problems show up. Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling? I am no computer expert for sure.

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I’m using G5 on an iPhone 8. My latest update ready to be installed is 13.1.3. I have occasional signal loss issues, even when I have my phone in my pocket, but that was happening before 13 was issued. The only thing I’ve noticed lately is that the 24 hour view in landscape no longer works, no matter where the phone is or how I’m holding it. Portrait is all it gives me, with the shorter range of readings.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did you fix it?

I am refusing to update to IOS 13 lol, after IOS shut down my Clarity ap for days and I haven’t heard anything great about 13, I’ve decided to ignore updates for a while.

I have thelatest Dexcom update waiting too, I don’t think I want to update that either. Anyone knows what that update does?

There is no way to know all of what’s in the update but I did notice a few minor visual fixes.

I’m on an iPhone 10 XS and on the screen where you record your exercise the text partly wrapped off screen. After the update it appears fixed. It seems like Dexcom has a slow process to push out minor bug fixes where they might be there for months before getting fixed.

I’ve never had any of the apps not work, that would be a major issue to me.

I assume Dexcom is doing this (they should be). They should be testing their current app against the beta versions of new iOS releases for weeks/months ahead of their release so they know ahead of time if there is something to fix. I think we are trading slow adding of new capabilities for stability and correctness. I’m OK with the balance they have struck so far.

I don’t know this but I do wonder if Apple has given their app some special entitlements to help ensure it can receive data all the time from the transmitter. Even after a device restart without opening the Dexcom app its still recording new data. Maybe the bluetooth connection can open apps that are not yet open?

@ChrisP Thanks so much for the info!!!

Just to make sure I don’t mislead anyone, the shut down of chunks of the Clarity ap was for the last update, not the 13. I called Dexcom at the time and they said that they were working on it as they had several customers with the issue and most of their customers are iphone users. It had to do with some of the security measures that Apple had updated that were causing the issue. Why some people had that issue and others didn’t? They suggested not to have auto updates until they list the latest ap as being okay.

But I kind of don’t trust the new Dexcom updates either as I’m still confused as to why I could restart sensors on this transmitter before and all of a sudden the last sensor gave me issues. And I am wondering if an update to the Dexcom ap did that.

@Marie20 I have a theory related to the sensors can’t be restarted on new transmitters.

In the last year I’ve heard a couple interviews from Dexcom CEO and CTO about new transmitters. They were talking about how the apple watch would be able to read the data along with the phone at the same time.

This would be nice because I could excercise with only my phone but still get Dexcom alerts.

They said the current transmitter could only pair with one bluetooth device at a time so it would require a new transmitter to allow pairing with two devices at the same time.

I suspect while adding this capability they also took the opportunity to block usage they never intended. (Sensor Restarts, Third Party apps). Both of those reduce income to Dexcom. It might also cause users to get less reliable data.

What was the weirdest about this was, I had already restarted sensors on this transmitter with no issue. It wasn’t until this last sensor it became an issue. Which is why I am wondering if it has something to do with a later update. It’s a 81 series which I know has caused some problems for some people.

I’ve often wondered if Dexcom’s updating firmware on transmitters in the field. I think it’s highly unlikely but they do have direct communication with the transmitter through the Dexcom app.