Iphone 8plus and g6 clarity and share apps

Has anyone had difficulty with the referenced iphone and Dexcom ? Consistently loses bluetooth connectivity. Any troubleshooting or solutions much appreciated.

I have a iphone 8 plus and G6. It rarely loses connectivity. There have been some people that have mentioned that in the past, it’s been a while though. There were several theories I believe, one of which was how much interference from things around you ??

But there are mentions of it in this thread, before and after this post.

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Notwithstanding my post from the earlier thread, quoted by @Marie20, I’ve had increasing BT dropouts over the last couple of transmitter lifespans. At one point I contacted Dexcom and complained because it was averaging like half a dozen times a day, and I’d done all of the stuff you’re supposed to do. They replaced the transmitter, but they also said it could be b/c I had updated to current IOS and Dexcom routinely lags by a couple of versions. So ok, I guess, but I mean Bluetooth is Bluetooth pretty much—I would have guessed it would either work or not, but what do I know? I’m not a programmer, I just play one on TV. Actually I don’t do that either.

One thing to check: do you have OLD transmitter connections still listed under BT Settings on your iPhone? You should identify your current one and “forget” the others. Easy to do: just get the SN from your current G6 session. The last two characters are used to form the BT ID, e.g. “DexcomFC.” The way the 5-minute check-in works, the transmitter just scans the list of connections looking for the Dexcom one, and if there are a whole bunch of old ones in there it can get the wrong one.

And welcome to TUD—it’s a very helpful, supportive community full of experienced people. Hope you stick around!


This is key and has been the issue whenever I had issues with iPhones regularly losing connection to Dexcom. I try to remember to do it when I change transmitters now but I sometimes forget!

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Not sure but whether Tandem does this automatically, which could explain people having better luck with connecting that way.

I was having issues when I kept closing the app (swiping it up and close). When I keep it open always, it works fine. I have the iPhone 11 max pro.

Thanks everyone for suggestions. Still working on resolving it. Dexcom doesn’t have a handle on this yet and have escalated the issue.

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