Intermittent G6 Phone connection

My G6 transmitter will not stay connected to my iphone running iOS 13.3. It requires me to turn Bluetooth off and back on, restart the app, and occasionally restart the phone. Connection to the Tandem pump is rocksolid. Is this a common problem, only related to the latest software updates from Dexcom/Apple, or am I the only one? Sorry if this is an old known issue, I’m a new Dexcom user.

I had the same issue when I first started my G6, I’m using and iPhone 7 plus also on 13.3. I went about 2 weeks with it constantly losing signal and turning bluetooth off then on again, but then it quit losing signal. The only thing I know that I might have done different is making sure I always leave the dexcom app running in the background. I have a habit of always clearing all the apps on my phone from running, but you want to make sure you don’t clear the dexcom app. Other than that I didn’t change anything and for 2 months now it hasn’t lost signal once.

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I think that is the issue, I typically close apps as well. Leaving it open has so far corrected the issue… thanks man!

Keeping the Dexcom app running in the background helps.

Agree, since I started doing that i’ve only had one disconnect. That must have been the problem. thanks!