Bored, so bored

It’s driving me insane and I don’t know what to do to feel less bored. I’m restless, didn’t sleep well last night again, at 2am I was still awake and seriously considering getting out of bed and start computer again, but decided not to and continue trying to fall asleep. Today I’ve done little or nothing. Mainly just been sitting at Facebook all day playing Restaurant City, I’ve recently level up to level 51 about 20-30 minutes ago now.
Been watching a movie- Mr & Mrs Smith. I’ve seen it before a long time ago, but re-watched it today.

My levels has been all over the place as usual pretty much… Hit 8.9 (160) for a while after lunch, have been around mid 6’s or low 7’s a fair bit today, my ~2hh dinner pp was 6.4 (115) which I’m quite happy with. It could of course be much better, and should be… But I can’t do much about it. I have talked with my GP about all of this before, several times, but alas, nothing happens. I could possibly have an A1c somewhere between 5.5 and 5.7 if looking at my meter averages which includes several low readings too. I have downloaded some kind of A1c- average converter for my iPhone yesterday just to get some idea since I’ve never got to know what my A1c is when it has been tested in lab!

So if you’re an iPhone user: Check out SugarDash Pocket A1c :slight_smile:

Seems like the A1c can be very deceptive. My doctor always looks at my log book, hovers over each BS.It’s kind of funny! I have nights where my mind keeps buzzing round and round so I sympathize with you.

yes…sleep does not come as easy as it used to. I wondered if it could be one of the medications I am on or something. I take Ambien almost every night. If I don’t I end up getting so depressed and angry while I just lay there for literally hours with my mind dwelling on all sorts of things that do nothing but frustrate me…If I get really bad or super bored, I always play my guitar…it usually switches my mood…

Night to yesterday I only got about 1h sleep and then managed to get another 3-4 hours yesterday morning from about 8am until noon. It’s ridiculous really… I’ll have to call my GP tomorrow again, I can’t stand this insomnia any longer! It’s caused by being on sick leave from some still unexplainable stomach pain that my GP believes might be endometriosis, PCOS or something else nice like that. It’s making me depressed to not be able to go to my work right now and I feel like my room at home is like a prison because I don’t go outside of it much. And those down feelings along with pain keeps me awake.