Both Quicksets and Silhouttes give me delivery problems - any advice for slim medtronic pumper?

Hi, I swapped to a Medtronic pump a couple of months ago from Cozmo as I wanted to use CGM. I have had a nightmare with the new infusion sets, apparently due to being slim, and despite once thinking pumping was the best thing that ever happened to me I am now thinking I will have to revert to shots as I can’t get another pump and cant go back to Cozmo :frowning:

I am not super skinny at all - I just have a small frame and I am American size 4. I have never had problems with no delivery alarms/no delivery, bleeding, little scars, pain, stinging or bent needles/cannulas with the Cleo infusion sets. Quickset would work for me maybe one in ten Quicksets and although the Silhouettes are MUCH better I am still having problems which is giving me awful control. Medtronic support have been helpful and sent me out different types of Silhouettes and Quicksets but no luck. They have now asked me to see the hospital so they can check my technique but I know I am adept - it is definitely just the sets. I have tried different angles etc. I know it is a long shot but I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and found a solution? Medtronic said there wouldn’t be any point trying other sets-Sure T?


Sure-T were my answer to bad control after using the other’s that you talked about. Did MM tell you why Sure-T wouldn’t help?

I’m not really slim, but like a size 6, and I use the MM320 sofsets - they have a shorter cannula (6mm) and are meant for leaner bodies.

something about how I must need an angled set? I’ll ask for a sample though! Thanks

thanks, I’m not sure I can get them with the Veo Medtronic pump in the UK but I will ask

I used an angled set for years but it got alot of scar tissue going so they told me 2 or 3 other sets then we finally settled on Sure-T’s

How is the Veo working for you. Does the CGM work well?
Have you been better able to avoid extreme lows and/or have the basal shut down help manage your lows better?

Hi Dee, try the Sure T, i am not slim but don’t have a lot of fat around my stomach. Love the Sure T. My problem was kinking and alarms with no delivery apparently muscle was the problem so try it and see.

Hi - not really, I only had a trail of three sensors and decided to put it off for a while until I sort out the infusion sets. I found it inaccurate and only to last three days…

Hi Dee, i am a 3/4 also but skinny as I am a medium height. So even Sure T cause bleeding sometimes. what I do is use Sill/comforts and Sure T. The Sill’s I put in very shallow and the sure T I put in the mushy’est place I can find. I change my sites every 24 hours. Don’t let them tell you there is no point to try something get a couple samples and see what moving them every 24 hours does. Or try it with your sills. I can’t use quicksets. I also use the old bent needles at an angle. I have learned which parts of my body can handle what set but it is rare indeed that set can go more then 24 hours. If your thin the site just gets banged up more there is not much tissue to absorb so the sites you have are just gonna last for so long.

Your endo might be willing to write a new script talk to him or her.
be loved

My son also switched to Medtronic after being on the Cozmo. He started having issues less than one month after starting with the Medtronic. We as well were having horrible control and ketones. We have tried all the sets you have spoken about and most recently the Sure T with no success. We are on our 3rd refurbished pump. So far he is too scared to try the pump again. I FEEL YOUR FRUSTRATION! I would still try the sure T’s as it eliminates the “risk” of a kinked canula. He is currently on shots and doing fine.